GTA san andreas mod apk for android

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We want to introduce you to the fascinating and wonderful game GTA San Andreas mod apk, and to provide you with explanations about the background, game environment, etc., dear users to.


  Car theft is a very amazing and fantastic action and adventure game and can be played in first person or third person; You will not find anyone unfamiliar with or familiar with the game, developed in 2004 by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games.


Initial Publications:

  GTA SA apk was released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Released in 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In 2015, the game company introduced it for Microsoft Windows

This game is a unique game. It can be boldly said that it is the most expensive game of its kind . Has cost about 270 million dollars, which has been provided to users in the form of Apk, Mod and Data.

 Due to the popularity and uniqueness of the game, it was decided to offer it on for free download, along with its Mod version, for you, dear users, so that we can have a good and fun time for you.

With its install the game , you can have different devices and machines.

This game is a revolution in the video game industry game is the fifth official version of the game series, which was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2 console. This game is almost perfect. Which surpassed the previous versions and surprised everyone and stunned its fans.


operating systems :

  The game was released for PC a year later, and since then it has been released for a variety of systems, including PlayStation and Xbox, and home and handheld consoles and smartphones.


How to install and run GTA Mod apk:

First, and install the installation file.

Download Data file and decompress it. Copy the com.rockstargames.gtasa folder to the Android / Obb path.

Run the game.


Game graphics:

The game's graphics are a perfect example of the previous two versions, and it is so eye-catching and dazzling that it is as if we are really present in that environment, and the architecture of buildings, houses, bridges and skyscrapers are all based on building codes. Designed and implemented.

Lighting effects drown you in fantasies. Explosions take place as if a war had taken place, and you run away from the fear of fire as if it were real, and even the water is shown to look real and sometimes you want it so much. Stand by the water for hours and stare at it.

This is a city with all the details and full of energy, even the passers-by can be seen more than the previous versions.

 It is no longer a deserted, dry and empty city, it is full of facilities and full of noise.

Even when you sit in the car and increase the speed of the car every moment, buildings and shops and everything around the streets and roads start to blur. In the game, even the smallest details are noticed and when Massacred with a chainsaw, blood is spilled and even in the rain, it depicts raindrops. Enjoys.



  • Missions assigned to characters such as
  • The main mission
  • Johnny Mission
  • Car racing and doing different things with cars
  • Driving lessons and other in-game skills


In the main mission, you will meet new characters or acquire new equipment, and in general, new things will happen to you in these types of missions.


In life missions, in these types of missions, you look for different people and kill them, and it can be said that it is useful and good, but it is not as good as the main mission.


 Car racing missions on the streets and racing with heavy vehicles and normal dancing or car dancing can be.


The last option of the training course is not required, but to pass some missions, you need a certificate or special skills that you will have to pass this course.


Liberating areas and attacking the enemy are activities that enter the gameplay from the middle of the game.

 You can swim out of the car, buy coffee and even get tattoos anywhere on the body.

 In this game, items such as airplane, boat, helicopter, train, train and most importantly, jet pack have been added in this version. You can have happy hours by and installing.


Voice of GTA:

If the sound effects were not sounded properly when you were behind the wheel, the game would be dry and soulless, but with the right sound to the extent that the sound of the engine and the bass sound is quite real.

The sound of the wind blowing the music explosion is all designed to look like you are in a real environment.


Game story:

The main character of the game, a young man of color named Carl Johnson (known as CJ)) decides to return to his hometown of Los Santos, which is one of the three main figures of the imaginary states of San Andres, taken from the states of California, and the game starts from here.

 Los Santos, as its name suggests, has a huge route to nightclubs and casinos.

The story revolves around Carl Johnson. Carl's mother is murdered by unknown individuals.

He returns with the first plane, which is captured by several policemen who were already waiting for him, and he is given a mission in exchange for his release, he accepts and leaves him badly in the worst neighborhood of the city.

The first person and the smartest person in Gta san andreas android in the group is called Michael. A middle-aged man, he lives with his family in Los Antos. Michael has a daughter named Tracy and a son named Jimmy. The day to become famous, but the lazy son of Michael Jimmy who has nothing to do but eat and play.


 If you want to know what Carl did and what happened to him, you can it from and install it on your phone to find out what will happen next.


Go to and download GTA San Andreas Mod apk. that is so addictive that you want to spend all your time playing the game, it and make happy moments for yourself.



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