Eye Surgery in Iran

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Being constantly clad in glasses can be exhausting. So if you know some of your friends who have opted for eye surgery, you know what the reason is! It is All about the constant discomfort you have wearing glasses. However, the price of eye surgery treatment in many countries is too high for a majority of people.

To make surgical procedures simple and affordable for you, our Iranian specialists provide a wide range of services at reasonable and transparent prices. To make this happen, first, you need authentic information. Check out our recent posts about eye surgery in Iran, or contact us for a free consulting and pricing estimate.

Iran is home to more than 40,000 LASIK procedures per month for Iranian and foreign patients; this is only about LASIK surgeries, let alone other kinds of surgeries that are related to eyes. Thanks to its highly trained surgeons and specialists, Iran is considered one of the best Middle Eastern countries for eye surgery.

?How Much Does It Cost

We have many types of eye surgeries. The cost and conditions differ from one to another. But to bring it as a clear example, lets do some calculations on LASIK surgery prices in Iran. Then you can contact us for more information about your options and the cost of eye surgeries in Iran.

Iran offers LASIK at a much lower cost than any other country. In fact, the patients and applicants of eye surgeries in Iran are often surprised by both the costs and the quality. Of course, there are reasons why these types of surgeries are very affordable in Iran. It seems that among those many reasons, we can find some more convincing.

    • Iran has an abundance of ophthalmology clinics
    • There are many people seeking eye surgeries in Iran

There are many people seeking eye surgery treatment in Iran

?Where Is More Affordable

We cant tell the exact cost of eye surgery around the world as it varies depending on many reasons. But as a result of a simple search on the internet, you can see that $3000 in the U.S. is comparable to $2700 in the U.K., $2.000 in Thailand, and $1200 for having a LASIK surgery in Turkey. But what about Iran?

Iranian Eye Surgeons Are At top of the List

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing an eye surgeon in Iran is the fact that the doctor has performed many eye surgeries.

Due to the huge demand for eye surgery in Iran, most of the surgeons are well-practiced and experienced. This trendy market has made an opportunity for both doctors to improve and patients to experience comfort.

A second reason to be cheerful is that in addition to the perfect doctors, the clinics and health centers are also in compliance with European standards and offer all kinds of services that are necessary to ensure your health.

Know about Eye Surgery Procedure in Iran

Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is abbreviated as LASIK. In general, it is used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

It is through corneal refractive reshaping that LASIK improves a persons vision. Typically, it takes a little over 15 minutes per eye to perform the procedure as an outpatient.

Eyeglasses and contact lenses are no longer needed by those who have this surgery. Usually, this procedure is performed in a medical facility or clinic. The healing process is quick, and the outcomes last a lifetime.

Without a doubt, our doctors successful researches have always allowed us to succeed in this area and treat many patients from around the world, particularly from the countries nearby and other countries in Africa and Europe.

?What Kind of Eye Surgery Is Available in Iran

There are many people around the world who experience discomfort with their eyes. A number of people have undergone eye surgeries due to their shape and appearance or vision issues. Its good to know that CarefulTrip provides all the treatment you need for your eyes.

In order to have a sense of the various types of eye surgery, we can count some of them down. The information provided on our website is about each type of eye surgery, and you can ask your questions of our consulting team.

Chalazion Treatment

It looks like a small lump or swelling when it appears on your eyelid. Usually, it doesnt hurt, but the Look hurts. Anyway, you can find the best experts in Tehran, Iran, to have your treatment.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Those damages that affect eye health due to diabetic disease are called diabetic retinopathy. The presence of too much sugar in the blood damages the retinal vessels over time.

Cataract Surgery

An eye cataract is a partial or complete opacification of the lens of the eye. During surgery, an intraocular lens must therefore be implanted in the eye.

Eyelid Deformity Surgery

Surgery to correct cosmetic eyelid deformities is known as Eyelid Deformity Surgery. A skin and muscle resection of the upper eyelids is performed with precision.

Glaucoma Surgery In Iran

High pressure inside your eye can cause glaucoma, which seriously damages your eye and causes serious damage to your optic nerve.

Intraocular Lenses (IOL)

There are a number of disorders that result in abnormalities in the natural lens of the eye, including myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and cataract. Consequently, the vision will be compromised, and daily life will be disrupted by severe sight problems.

Oriental Eyelid Surgery

The oriental eye surgery procedure reshapes the eyelid area with the help of Asian methods. "Eye debridement" is what is commonly called.

PRK Eye Surgery

The PRK eye surgery (PhotoKeratectomy) is a refractive eye surgery with some similarities to LASIK surgery. Reshaping the cornea with the excimer laser is part of PRK. The PRK eye surgery does not require a corneal flap to be cut, contrary to LASIK eye surgery in Iran.

?How Can I Get My Eye Surgery Done in Iran

No matter what your issue is, we provide you with the best solution with free consultations. This is our mission as a medical tourism facilitator to help patients from around the world to use this golden opportunity in Iran. Assisting our patients in getting the most from their treatment and their visits is one of our top priorities. Among our numerous services are visa assistance, accommodation, transfers, translators, surgery, doctors visits, and the rest of the demanded services for a stay in Iran.


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