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of the video file editing apps is KineMaster pro apk for android. You have probably tried to download many mod and premium editing apps for movies and videos on your android mobile phone, but none of them were able to meet your needs. All you have to do is work on a video file for a little more than a cut and sound to realize its limitations. But you can use this program to be a professional editor and editor and you can edit your video files well. You can install this very popular and popular app on your Android phone for free and at no cost, and it can bring you a great experience. And here it is better to say that this program is the only program that works with a layered mechanism. KineMaster mod apk is attractive and beautiful that has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Android and Google Play alone and the hacked version has unlocked features. Despite the many features that this program has, it is still very simple and enjoyable to work with. By installing other programs for video editing, you need to install separate programs to cut the video and add text to that video and other editing materials, but this program is not like this. It is one of the best choices you have in this field and since professional and high level use is its first priority, it is a head and neck higher than similar programs and brings you a very good experience. brings. In KineMaster pro apk, you have a professional user interface similar to computer software, with the help of which and the tools that it has provided to you, you can edit your video.

kinemaster apk mod pro

With the KineMaster pro mod apk, you can add photos, audio stickers, and various text to your video. And at the end of the day, get a personalized and attractive result. You can crop the video so that you can convert long videos into short sections, or you can just cut the desired section of your video and delete the original file. Effects and image filters can also be applied to your video, and various items such as brightness, etc. can be changed in the video image. This android supports various formats and resolutions.


With the media option, we can put another video or image on the videos we have. After selecting our desired media, we can add a list of features that are available for editing your media. This list has an option called trim or split. You can cut or even split your desired media with the help of playhead. With the line you see, you can place that line in the right place and use the options available for cropping.


Once you have installed this pro apk app, the first step is to define the message you want to convey to others in your video and find the related video. This step is for those who are looking to make a professional clip like advertising And non are very important. If you just want to quickly edit the video to do it with your phone, it does not take much time.

When you open the app, you have the option to start a new project or continue editing the previous project. To start a new project, tap the Plus sign in the middle. And select the aspect ratio for your video. The aspect ratio of the image you choose depends to a large extent on the place where you intend to publish the video, for example, the installation of the image for YouTube and Instagram are different. Then tap Media to open the Media Browser section for you. This folder is filled with files containing images and videos. Select the video and clip you want to work on to add the project window, then click the check mark at the top right to save the video clip. Repeat this process if you wish so you can add more clips. If you want to cut the video, which is one of the most important steps, you must select the video clip you want so that the yellow border appears. To open different options in the same place on the scissors icon from the Trim / Split menu in the upper right corner. Tap left to open the following four options in order.

  • Trim to Right of the Playhead
  • Trim to Left of Playhead
  • Split at Playhead
  • Split and Insert Freeze Frame


To cut the clip in the direction of the video that appears after the current position, select the Trim to Right of the Playhead option, in which case the cut video will have a shorter time. Using the Trim to Left of Playhead option, you can adjust the clip to just before the current position of the content. Use Split at Playhead to split a clip into two parts. To see the result of your work, press the play button and watch the video while editing. If you are satisfied with it, tap the confirmation icon above to save.

Select the video to which you want to add slideshow content. You will see a Plus (+) sign at the edge of each video clip. Tap Plus to add a transfer; Many options appear on the right. You can choose from these options such as classic transfer, 3D transfer, image to image, text transfer and other items. After selecting the desired items, tap the tick at the top to save your selection.

Finally about of KineMaster pro mod apk:

you can create amazing music and photo combinations. If you want to apply fantastic effects and scenes to your gallery image files and enjoy having a complete video editor, be sure to try this. And do not miss. And you come across a very unique program. This wonderful program that provides users with a set of features in a very beautiful place. Having this program on your Android phone, you can put everything on projects, cut unwanted parts of the video, control the volume of the sound in Put the video in different color mode for your video and enjoy the most complete and professional video editing program. one of the good and powerful video editing programs is KineMaster pro mod apk that can help you to edit a very professional video. download and installing latest version of KineMaster pro mod apk unlocked from hereLinks to an external site.


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