Corona testing at home and reliable laboratories

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We want to talk about the features of a reliable laboratory that should have a corona test at home and get acquainted with the laboratories that perform this test. One of the best laboratories for corona testing at home is the nursino Center for nursino and Medical Services, through which you can easily and in the shortest possible time receive medical services at home and at work. . In this center, all services are provided by experts. In the following, we will get acquainted with other corona test centers, including Humka, Dermanakdeh and Rasa, so stay tuned.


How to do a corona test at Nersino's house?

In order to know at all how the corona test is done at home and what reliable companies are for this test, we need to have the necessary information on how to perform this test. At the nursino and Medical Services Company, it is possible that you can test your corona anywhere by registering your application on the site or by registering your application on WhatsApp and paying the test fees online and online. You will do it. This is how you stay at home and come to your house on behalf of Nersino and take the corona test at your home and then deliver the samples to the lab to be tested.

How much does a corona test cost at home?

In order to know the cost of a corona test at home and to know how much it is, you need to determine which of the corona tests you want to perform because there are different samples with different times to perform the test. . If you want to receive your test result within one to two days, the cost of the test is 380 thousand tomans. If you want to get the result of your corona test between 5 to 16 hours, you have to pay 450 thousand tomans. If the corona test is for flight, you have to pay 490 thousand tomans for the test. Also, if you want to take a blood antibody test in addition to the corona pcr test, you have to pay the full cost of the test, which is 600 thousand tomans. As we announced, the price of the corona test is determined based on the type of service provided and also the speed required for the test result.


PCR test at home

You may be one of those people who have just had a coronary artery, or someone in your family who has been exposed to the disease and is recovering, and you do not want to be exposed to the disease again and are trying to Be in the least social places. Also, some people because they can not leave the house and may be sick, and it is better to be diagnosed as soon as possible to start their home quarantine. One of the companies through which you can get your PCR test is Homka Medical Services Center. In this center, a PCR test is taken for 8 to 16 hours for 450 thousand Tomans.

Corona testing at home and antibody testing at home

One of the tests you can use to determine if you have a corona is the PCR test. By doing this test, you can take the necessary steps to do your other tasks by receiving the correct result. For example, Darmankadeh Company is one of the centers for performing this test so that you can easily perform this test at home or at work.

How many days is the corona test result ready at home?

Usually the results of tests of different laboratories are ready in two days. Nersino will deliver the test results to you within 5 to 48 hours. Also, if you are in priority, it means that you have a foreign trip ahead of you and you have to deliver your test at the airport at a certain time. You will also be analyzed more quickly. Also, in another center called Rasa, you have to pay 400 thousand tomans to receive the test result between 30 hours and 48 hours, ie two days.

Is there a possibility of error in the corona test at home?

There is a possibility of error in the corona test, but there is no connection with whether the test is performed at home or in the center. Because a person may have recently been exposed to the disease and a new virus has entered the body, the person may be tested negative. Or that a sample of a person's nasal mucosa does not contain enough of the virus. Or the ear cleaner has not been kept at the right temperature before the test.


In this article, we will discuss which laboratories are safe to perform corona testing at home and how much these centers charge and what the costs are.


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