Things you should know about application development

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Many businesses have shown an eagerness  to deploy a digital strategy. Especially since consumers  have established a solid relationship with mobile apps in all categories, meaning application use is now on the go. They are everywhere. No matter if  you are a man, a woman, a teen, or an adult,  you probably have a cell phone. A phone that is replete with applications for various uses . For this very  reason, most business owners are looking for app design. The more fruitful the startup, the more it bonds with the technology world. Interestingly, people often  introduce their products and services to family and friends with the sole purpose of intense brand awareness.

Many IT enterprises are doing something similar in the market. The development team’s overview of the business target plus creativity, experience, and knowledge can lead to an application design with a .flawless user interface

Reaping benefits from application design

The increasing number of mobile phones is reaching 6 billion or so units . The time we are devoting to our mobile phones has spiked in the last decade particularly with  applications. To get a real feel of this experience , checking your Instagram active time should suffice . The more the apps  solve problems with creative new  ways, the greater their user retention rate would be. Retention rate is the number of users still using your app after a  period of time. When choosing a mobile app development company, be mindful of what your needs are and what the company can offer. After the discovery session you could even present your unique solution or be presented with alternatives . But how to choose a mobile app development company? We will tell you but first here are the benefits of mobile app development. 

Data analysis

With an optimized application, storing data is a cakewalk. Daily orders , order time, career schedule, troubleshooting and monitoring online reports and such information are some of the features . In this way, data analysis becomes relatively easy , particularly for giant companies.

Winning sales program

Offering discounts, bargains, and sales only available in the app. So, users are more motivated you use your app. Furthermore, you can manage customers' requests and orders better in comparison with face-to-face shopping.

Mobile app design

Better user experience

IF the app is well-developed in all details, undoubtedly it could enhance users' return rate to the app. Due to the smooth and fabulous experience they had. IF not, you'll face flat line of nope.



Tips to choose a mobile app development company

  There are thousands of them out there from west to east, Vancouver to Tokyo. They offer different services to their  clients. For example, they offer website and eCommerce development , progressive web app design, and web application design. You can go for one of them based on your persona and preferences however following some general rules might lead to a more fruitful collaboration. In other words, opting for a software company is not that easy. Because the market is replete with thousands of them. How do you  choose the best one in this competitive landscape?

Costs and prices: You might have heard the saying that "what you pay, is what you get.”  It is right most of the time but not always. Finding a company that fits your budget matters,  especially if you are at the beginning of your app development journey . Software solution costs differentiate from project to project. It really depends on the project type, complexity and features, and probably the company's region. As an example, Vancouver mobile app design services prices range from $850 to $2200.

DO NOT underestimate reviews and feedback: One winning way to put your trust in an IT company, is going into client reviews with your eyes wide open. By doing this, you will have a general idea of the process you are going through. Moreover, figuring out the merits and demerits of the company is easier this way. 

Powerful Portfolio: Almost all professional software development companies have a portfolio page on their website. Analyze the companies based on their past and present case studies. So, then you can make a choice if they match your characteristics and persona.

Support and maintenance: As computer hardware come with a warranty, so should virtual products.There might be some bugs and errors which developers have not faced before . In addition, everything changes very fast on the Internet, so trends and interests change. As a result, a maintenance phase is what should be fulfilled in a contract with an IT company.

Capability in designing app types: Applications fall into 4 categories. Web apps, Native, Hybrid (cross-platform), and Progressive web apps (PWAs). What are they? What distinguishes one from the other? We will tell you because you need to have a strategic eye for application design.

Web apps: Web applications are computer programs that are accessible on a web server. In other words, installing the APK file on your device is not required in this model. Almost all websites that we employ on a daily basis own a web application, for instance, Gmail. The cornerstone of everyday digital communication is a genuine web app. This widely used free email service allows data exchange, editing, and manipulation that vary from user to user. Since the number of web app users has spiked, web application design plays a crucial role in the success of your business plan. As you might know, most web apps are compatible with a variety of browsers. Browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, they have the power to create a new customer channel for your business.

Native apps: The term native might look familiar to you. Here is the dictionary definition. Something indigenous to a particular locality. A native app is coded for a specific operating system (OS). For instance, Android and iOS are two popular OS in the world of mobile app development. To clarify, they are two frameworks. Each framework has its coding system. For iOS it[mk51]  is Objective-C and Swift. And[mk52]  C++, Kotlin, and Java are[mk53]  for the Android platform.

Hybrid apps: Saving time and money is great. Therefore, a hybrid app is an ideal choice. As the term suggests hybrid apps refer to those app types that are compatible with all mobile phones, regardless of what the OS is. So, not only are they cost-effective for business owners  but also not time-consuming for developers to code.  In other words, we can say they are a combination of web apps and native apps. This is the easier way to explain hybrid apps .

Progressive web apps: PWAs resemble the experience you have had with web apps with a minor difference. They provide a similar experience as native and web applications. A contrast between PWA, a web app, and a native app is that PWA does not occupy much of the device’s storage . To put it in another way, they are not installed on the devices. Hence, sharing a PWA is easy and quick .


App design with Twelfth Dream

You can contact the  Twelfth Dream team if you have a new startup idea or a specific idea for creating new software. Also, if you are a large company manager in need of a software solution that you cannot find, you should consult with Twelfth Dream about having dedicated software and getting your own platform at the lowest cost and with the least amount of hassle. Having a unique application will help you develop your branding and increase your sales. So, contact Twelfth Dream’s expert team today!


Now matter how big or small your business is, having a mobile app resolution help your business grow rapidly. You can go for it on your own. Otherwise, choosing a mobile app development company is necessary. There are many of them. Twelfth dream is one of the best especially if you are searching for one inVanccuver.

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