What are the most common anal disorders?

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anal problems and disorders

commonly, as every parts of the human body, anal or rectal area can face to some disorders or issues. Which simply might cause several problems in individual life such as sitting, working out, walking, fecal excretion etc. Here we aim to examine some of these problems and therefore suggest to the patients the most proper salvation path!

Some of the most popular diseases included:

Hemorrhoids or piles

Hemorrhoids which are also known as piles, are inflamed veins that usually occur under a great pressure to the rectal site. As soon as you realize some mass in the rectal region, you must refer to a skilled gastroenterologist or a general surgeon.

What are the main causes of hemorrhoids?

You may struggle with hemorrhoids based on multiple reasons. Such as:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Pushing pressure to the rectom for intance doing jobs like anal sex, masturbate, passing hard stool.
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Overweight and chronic obesity.
  • In some special cases you may inherit it from your family.

Usual symptoms of piles

Hemorrhoids can cause various troubles if they're left untreated. These problems even if they’re less noticeable may appear as some disorders in your routine. Its signs might be include:

  • Itching and burning around the rectal region.
  • Inflated internal or external mass at the anal canal.
  • Bleeding, if they’ll be hardly touched or stick to something like a tight underwear.
  • Feeling pain and discomfort around the hip area.

picture of hemorrhoids

How to treat hemorrhoids?

We can consider pain and fecal incontinence as the most main factors which are why patients avoid healing proceeding. But there’s one thing you need to be aware of for sure that there is no pain or annoyance while this treatment occurs under the CO2 laser procedure. Generally, if you have decided to treat your piles, there are several options ahead of you. Which are included:

  • Herbal alongside costume treatments.
  • Taking medicine after consulting with an expert.
  • Home therapy like inserting honey, apple vinegar, aloe vera etc.
  • Medical options such as surgery, CO2 laser ray, hemorrhoidectomy and rubber strap.

Anal fissure or injured ulcer

Anal fissure is a thin ulcer or tear which develops among anal internal sphincter or out side of the anus. This small opening may emerge in the bottom of the lining large intestine.

Anal fissure has been divided into 2 types like as chronic and acute.

What motivates appearing anal fissures? 

According to the medical research, yet no accurate reason has been found for the fissures issue. But there are some actions which motivate the rectal area to get involved with an ulcer. 

Commonly most of the people who have untreated constipation and a damaged anal canal, particularly receive fissures.

The other items included:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Bowel diseases such as IBD, crohne and ulcerative colitis
  • Anal sex and inserting any hard tool into the anal canal
  • Occasionally, a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as syphilis or herpes, which can infect and damage your rectal canal
  • Having unusually tight anal sphincter muscles, which can increase the tension in your anal canal, making it more susceptible to tearing. (according to nhs.uk)

Symptoms and signs of anal fissure

Most common causes of anal fissures included:

  • Narrow opening or an ulcer in the lining of the large intestine or out of the anus.
  • Burning and a sharp pain alongside defecation which may last for several hours.
  • Bleeding in some cases as you have this ulcer for a while.

How to get rid of fissures?

Treatment options are:

  • Medical therapy with ointments, pills and steroid creams.
  • Laser treatment without surgery.
  • Surgical options such as cutting the tear or stitches.
  • Home therapy options afterwards consulting with your GP.

Anal Fistula and its troubles !

Anal fistula is a slightly narrow tunnel which develops between the rectom and near anus skin. If this disease is left untreated the patient's body may become infected with infection and various problems.

What is the reason?

This kind of fistula usually emerge afterwards anal abscess. When they’ve driven away normally leave a small channel behind. This channel turns to anal fistula after a period.

The other reasons might be:

  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI). Such as syphilis and chlamydia.
  • Chronic diseases for instance crohn and IBD.
  • Intestinal infections.
  • Weakened immune system.

What is the special sign of anal fistula?

Such as every other disease, anal fistula can cause many troubles or signs as long as you have it. These symptoms are:

  • Rectal pain
  • Stinky and viscous discharge
  • Blood in stool and on the tissues while you’re cleaning yourself
  • Slight fever
  • painful urine

Genital warts and HPV virus in men and women

Here’s the name of very common sexually transmitted disease almost in the world wide! Human papillomavirus also known as HPV, can cause genital warts or cervix and anal cancer. There are more than 100 types of HPV But only a few of them cause genital warts and cancers in men or women.

Unluckily you can get HPV without penetrative sex. Therefore limit your sex partners to a one person and care for your individual sex health.

genital warts picture

Most popular causes of genital warts

Here the actions how you can infected with HPV:

  • Genital area surface contact
  • Anal and vaginal sex
  • Oral sex
  • sharing sex toys

Which sign should I be looking for?

In fact genital warts are the most regular symptoms of HPV which causes itching, burning or bleeding as they stick to your underwear or fingers. 

Usually in the long period of time, warts go away on their own and even in some conditions you might not feel them and transfer to your sexual partners.

This article has been written for cliniczarei.comLinks to an external site.  by Nyusha Gholami as a translator and its writer.

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