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Paper cup printing is one of the modern industries in our country, the number of its fans is increasing day by day. Paper cup printing is done in different types and is used in many parts. Today, the paper cup printing industry is very advanced and its consumer statistics are increasing.

چاپ لیوان کاغذی

A history of printing paper cups

 According to the English Wikipedia, printing paper cups was initially done using rubber blocks mounted on cylinders, with a different cylinder for each color. Registration between different colors was very difficult, but later flexographic plates became available, and with the use of installation systems, registration between colors became easier and more complex designs were possible.

Print promotional paper cups

Printing advertising paper cups is one of the most attractive methods in branding projects. In such a way that the customer can order the desired design or logo and use it in various situations such as conferences and seminars. If we want to use a simple example to show the efficiency of printing promotional paper cups, we can refer to the use of reputable brands of tea and saffron in this way. Printing promotional paper cups is a great opportunity to showcase your business brand. A personalized advertising campaign on a paper cup can be the best way to connect with the local community and market.

لیوان کاغذی ساحل جنوب

Printing all kinds of paper cups in terms of size

 Today, paper cups are produced in different types at the request of customers. The types of paper cups in terms of size are as follows:

  • Printing 90 cc paper cup
  • Printing 110 cc paper cup
  • Printing 120 cc paper cup
  • Printing 200 cc paper cup
  • Printing 360 cc paper cup
  • لیوان کاغذی

Benefits of paper cups

Today, the production of paper cup is of great importance and has gained a special place in various parts of people's lives. Paper cup production is projected to increase from 252 billion a year to 272 billion a year in 2021. The reason for this can be considered the ease of use, renewability and growth of the food services market.

Some of the benefits and advantages of using paper cups are:

- Ability to use in advertising designs and introduce your brand on a paper cup

- Not carcinogenic

- Its lightness and unbreakability

- Beautiful appearance and variety in its design and roles

- Can be used in various ceremonies such as birthdays and so on Heat resistance

- Avoid wasting water and save time

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