Types of USB micro-USB charging cables / Type C / Lightning

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Charging cable is one of the main components for charging various devices such as mobile phones. There are different types of cables for charging your phone and tablet. If you do not want to constantly change your charger cable, you must buy them with awareness. Micro USB, Type C and Lightning cables are the subject of our discussion in this article.

Make sure the cable is flexible

One of the most important features of a charging cable that most people are looking for is its flexibility and high strength. Charging cable is one of the mobile and tablet accessories that is constantly exposed to compressive and tensile forces. If you have enough information about different brands and models of charging cable, you will experience the pleasure of buying a charging cable.Mob Shopping is one of the most popular sites in this field with its best cables; Because users' opinions are especially important for Mob Shopping. For this reason, we have decided to continue to introduce and review some of the cables available on this site. If you want to get information about this, follow us to the end of the text.

Check charging cables

Charging cables are very important among the accessories of mobile phones and tablets. Because it will not be possible to charge different devices without their presence. In order for the battery to charge well and not be connected or disconnected during this route, it is necessary to use suitable and quality cables. For this purpose, there are unique products in Mob Shopping that will be to the liking of users. In the following, we will introduce some of them. If you are curious to know about these products, do not miss the rest of the text.

Kluman brand USB charging cable

This product is one of the best cables available for charging tablets and phones. The features of this cable indicate the high value of its manufacturer in the eyes of customers. The body of this product is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, which has given it a high resistance. What will be unique in the design of this cable is the type of braiding of the wires that make it up. This tension in the charging cable, in addition to doubling the beauty of the product, has also increased its resistance to pulling. One of the biggest problems with different charging cables is that they get tangled. This product, which is made by Klomen company, has prevented such a problem by considering this issue.


Earldom brand charging cable

If you are looking for the latest charging cable with incredible speed, this cable will definitely be the most suitable option for you. The Type C dual-head charging cable allows you to enjoy data transfer at unparalleled speeds in addition to super-fast charging.

This is possible with fewer cords. The Erldam brand, which is one of the largest companies in the field of making phone accessories in the world, made its name once again by making this product. This cable is one of the newest products in the field of technology that has just entered the market.The power provided for this charging cable is 18 watts, which will be very acceptable. In this product, the series connected to the charger and the phone can be easily detached and is easy to use. In addition to the cases we have already discussed, the voltage and current defined for this product are 9 volts and 2 amps, respectively.

TOTU flexible cables

These charging cables are one of the most suitable accessories for phones and tablets for people who are constantly changing cables. This product has entered the field of technology and technology by the tattoo design brand and has dazzled many eyes. The cable reduces the possibility of any problems while charging the device due to its unparalleled flexibility.In order for you to be able to use the charging cables without any problems, we introduce you to the flexible tattoo cable. The durability of the charging cable is another great feature of this product. Because cables are part of the equipment that will always be under the influence of various forces. Therefore, what should be considered as a priority for making cables is its high resistance.Another exceptional feature of this charging cable is the protection of the charging device, which is rarely seen among similar products today. Mob Shopping has placed this product in the Lightning charger cable series, important to the demands of users and to prevent problems in various devices.

USB charging cable and WW data

This charging cable will be very suitable for those who are looking for the best. Because everything that mobile phone and tablet users need can be found in this charging cable. Your device may need a micro USB charging cable, Lightning, or Type-C. For this purpose, the best way to buy this charging cable will be. This cable is one of the best peripherals of Galaxy A03s.WK has designed this product in such a way that there is no problem in charging the phone or tablet. The length of this cable is set at 1 meter and while charging the battery, you will be able to sit in areas farther away from your device. High speed charging capability is also one of the unique features of these cables. The resistance of this cable against various tensile forces, bending and the like is very high.


Charging cable and   data   Erldam

This charging cable alone meets all user expectations. Erldam introduced this product to the market, considering what different people have been waiting for for a long time. Unique fast charging technology, which is considered as one of the main and most attractive features of charging cables, is available in Erldam cable. This cable will be suitable for devices with Lightning and port C.Due to the use of quality equipment, this charging cable is very resistant to pressure and tension. Also, the knots that often occur in this category of products will never be seen in Erldam cable. In addition to all the features mentioned for this product, its current intensity should also be considered; Because you have to say goodbye to the plug and plug while charging the phone and tablet battery.


The last word

This article describes the types of charging cables. Charging your phone or tablet is always one of the main concerns of different people. Considering the constant use of mobile phones, you should also think about choosing a charging cable.In this regard, various charges have been made by the world's leading brands. In order to have access to the highest quality ones, Mob Mob will help you. Mob Shopping will be one of the best sites to introduce all kinds of micro USB charging cables, Type C and Lightning.

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