What is restaurant epos?

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What is restaurant epos?

Establishing a new brand or thinking to get an old brand progressed will require a few elements to be added to the business. One of the elements is a system which can assist you in both accounting and analyzing the customer behaviors. It is also a benefit to do the inventory reports as well. Today, we mainly want to evaluate these elements for a restaurant or similar businesses such as cafes and bars. So, let’s get into it without hesitation and learn more about electronic point of sale systems and restaurant epos. You will face an imaginary example through this article which will give you a clearer view of the usage of an epos for restaurants.


Through this article you are going to read about the items below

  • What does epos mean?
  • Why is epos a must in today’s business?
  • A complete guide for restaurant epos systems
  • Conclusion

What does epos mean?

Epos stands for electronic point of sale system is a platform each business owner can handle the following issues as a piece of cake!

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM)
  2. Real-time reports of inventory and analyzes on the products
  3. The modern way of payments
  4. Listing the purchases
  5. Simple applies on promotions and discounts
  6. Supporting online orders
  7. Etc.

There are many other benefits that the business owner can feel as soon as they equip an epos in their trade. Besides, the accuracy of the balanced and sold out items are another good performance of an epos system.

 Why is epos a must in today’s business?

This is the age of speed. It takes a minute of delay to lose a loyal customer. When everyone is looking for fast business to respond to their needs, why not offer them this speed? Well, if you want to do it, first let us congratulate you and then tell you what epos is what you need!

By an epos system you can simply bring the speed to your business and be the special version of your business field. Epos systems not only equip your trade with accuracy but also can be a guide to know your customers better and try to meet their needs by providing a vast range of services.

A complete guide for restaurant epos systems

This part specifically belongs to the restaurant owners (or businesses with similar fields) to help them know what a restaurant epos exactly do for them and what epos is the best for restaurants.       


Restaurant epos services

The best way to express what services can be provided by a restaurant epos system is to make an example!

Consider Mr. Green is the owner and founder of a small fast food restaurant called Green Pepperoni! In recent months he tried to expand his business by moving to a bigger place. This means his daily customers will be increased by 2 times (or even more). Of course a single cashier won’t be able to handle all the work. Besides, Mr. Green is gaining more and more online customers as he is doing some digital marketing works.

The solution for Green Pepperoni’s problem is to have a restaurant epos system which can be a great assistant to the cashier. Plus, ordering online can be supported through the epos system and all the digital marketing efforts won’t be unanswered! One more thing is that the waiters can simply connect the epos system by a tablet and submit the orders in a faster way.

The balance of leftover ingredients, sold out items and what exactly the restaurant needs to prepare for coming days, is simply manageable by a restaurant epos system. At the end of the day, Mr. Green can easily read the reports of the progress and think about how to keep the development at a positive rate.

Lots of other things can be concluded by the provided reports and analysis of the restaurant epos system and one of them is to figure out the pick hours of sales.

Are you similar to Mr. Green? Or have you recently decided to establish a restaurant? Then we ensure that you need a restaurant epos system to have the best performance in your trade and turn the audience into customers.


What is the best restaurant epos system?

There are many epos providers but not all of them are designed for a restaurant based business. AOTM is one of the epos providers that is suitable for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, takeaways and any other business which is related to the food industry. A great point of AOTM is that they will also offer you a free online ordering website and will ask you only 5% of each order!

This means you can boost your business both physically and virtually. In the days that most people prefer to order online and receive their food at home instead of staying in lines, this can be a great benefit to you.  


Epos systems, a true meaning of accuracy and speed is a need of any kind of businesses these days, specially, restaurants. You can hire many employees to do all epos can do for you with only one operator or equip your business with an epos system but let us warn you that you will not be able to have the speed of a system by hiring people. In fact, you can use the employees in another field of your business and let the epos do the cash and payments stuff.

In this article we tried to give a clear view of restaurant epos systems by picturing an imaginary occasion besides the meaning of epos and the importance of having an epos in every business. We hope that reading this article would be helpful to you as a business owner. 


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