G Suite Setup for Your Business with Zenphi

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G Suite Setup for Your Business with Zenphi



Operational efficiency is a vital aspect of every business. As such, we look for methods to become productive and use tools that make our tasks less of a hustle to deal with. If you were like me before, you probably subscribe to a bunch of productivity and collaboration tools. And most often than not, we have a list of favorite tools that overlap in terms of features.


It came to a point where I became unproductive and inefficient because of the many tools I use. Too many different tools mean most of the time, I would have to manually perform data entry. My system was all over the place with too many tools creating a disjointed experience of copy/pasting my generated data. If you are like me when it comes to using a stack of apps with no way of automating(something I only utilized recently) them, then you probably understand my dilemma.


This was my situation before I joined zenphi. When I joined the zenphi team, I realized a whole new level of productivity and efficiency. And that I can do it with only a few select tools.


As a writer, I already think that Google Workspace, especially Google Docs, was cool enough for writing and collaborations. But working for zenphi made me adore the entire G Suite platform. I didn’t know you can do a whole lot more with all the apps found within Google Workspace. Things such as building automated workflows within Google Workspace for business efficiency.


What is G Suite?

G Suite, or currently known as Google Workspace, is Google’s answer to Microsoft Office 365, and even more. A suite of tools you use to stay productive and collaborate with others, and other cloud computing tools that we use and love one way or another. All of these are powered by Google in one platform, so you can access them anytime and anywhere.  


Google Workspace was created more than 12 years ago in the cloud and has undergone several changes and updates. Always looking for the best apps to develop and add to make one platform that can power charge teams. 


G Suite went toe to toe with Office 365 and is now boasting over six million paying customers in 2020; and over two billion active users, G Suite has surpassed its expectations for the said year.


In case you are wondering who Google Workspace was built for -- it’s geared for both individual and business teams like us.


In this article, I will discuss with you how G Suite can elevate our work struggles. And G Suite for business is the main course of this article.


The G Suite for Business Features That We Love

Here are the core features of G Suite that we here at zenphi loves:



This is the email software of G Suite. It has over 1.5 billion active users and is the top email service provider in 23 different countries. 


You can use Gmail for free with up to 15 GB of memory. But with a paid plan, businesses can enjoy up to 30 GB of storage for each user. You also get to enjoy a custom domain(yourname@company.com) for your company email addresses that lend it a more professional feel. G Suite for business has dedicated 24/7 customer and technical support to wait on you hand and foot. And best of all, you can automate Gmail to up your operational efficiency as a team.


Google Drive

Businesses all need good cloud storage for their important files that they can also access anywhere. 


With a free account, you get a free 15 GB storage space and 30 GB per user for the Business Starter plan, 2 TB for Business Standard, and 5 TB for Business Plus. While you get unlimited storage to support your storage needs for the Enterprise-grade pricing.


Drive will allow you to manage and access any of your company content no matter where you are. It also supports all the productivity and collaboration activities within G Suite.


Its search document function is helpful since it searches files via context.


Google Docs, Sheets, Slide

These are G Suite’s dedicated tools for creating new documents and sharing them. Using these tools, you can edit and collaborate in a real-time manner where changes are automatically saved and tracked.


Available even on a free Google account, these tools come with added security if you choose any of the paid plans of G Suite for business. 


The feature I love the most with the paid plans is how you can track who has viewed your document for the past hours or days.



Very handy when it comes to collecting data for any of your projects. This survey tool is super handy when you are collecting feedback for your next product development. Other things such as wanting to know your audiences’ sentiments regarding your brand is another use for Forms.


And with the right automation action, you can automatically turn Forms data into Sheets or Docs.


Google Calendar

Very reliable when it comes to scheduling multiple appointments and sending reminders. Teams need to talk to each other all the time.


The smart scheduling feature allows members to look at other team member schedule and find the right window of time to schedule a meeting.


You can also create a public calendar that customers or potential ones can use to schedule appointments.


Google Keep

Google’s answer to the highly popular Evernote. This is a nifty tool for note-taking, especially within your Google Docs files and saving images, among many other features.


Automate Your Google Workspace  for Business with zenphi

G Suite can be automated from top to bottom, a fact that makes it suitable for your business. You can establish extensive automated systems of Google apps to drive your business forward with the right strategies. And without having to leave Google, a platform you already trust in terms of security.


You can start automating your Google Workspace  for business using App Script. It’s a Google tool that allows you to automate Google apps by writing JavaScript codes. So, if you know JavaScript, this should be an easy-peasy task. But if none in your team does, this can be costly because you’d need to hire a technical person to do the coding for you.


If coding is a no-go, then there is zenphi, a no code automation platform for Google Workspace users.


We love the Google platform. So much so that we saw the gap in the service for dedicated G Suite automation in the market. There are other no code Google integrations, but none as dedicated as zenphi. Especially when it comes to understanding Google users.


Just drag and drop the right actions to create seamless and no less dynamic automated systems of Google apps. Zenphi is committed to bringing you an elevated Google Workspace experience through easy-to-use and no code automation.


Must-try Zenphi Automations for Google Workspace for Company

Gmail Mail Merge and Send Emails on G Suite

When the trigger action kickstarts, this automated workflow will instantly send an email from a pre-specified Gmail account. This is done by using zenphi’s  Send Email action. 


Import Json Payload Into Google Sheets

zenphi automated workflow where you can automatically parse Json Payload from other APIs into string. Use zenphi’s HTTP Call and Parse Json actions with the addition of Google Sheets to do this.


You can now save yourself the headache of looking at a Json packet when retrieving data from a different API. Json packets are notoriously long and can look like a jumbled mess even for experienced programmers.


Mail Merge Using Google Docs

Another in-demand task within the G Suite platform is performing Mail Merge using Gmail and Google Docs. A painless yet dynamic way of automatically sending emails from Gmail via Google Docs templates without the hassle of coding.


If you are interested to know more zenphi use cases for your G Suite, you can head out to our blog and read some more.

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