What is PCO car rental?

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What is PCO car rental?

As the popularity of rideshare apps are growing rapidly, many people are interested to join them and work as PCO drivers. One of the main requirements of joining a PHV operator to work is to own a PCO car which can be either your personal vehicle or a rental PCO car. If you recently decided to join Uber or similar rideshare companies, you probably need to get more familiar with PCO car rental and the terms related to this issue. Read this article carefully to understand all you need to know about PCO car rentals.

This article covers the items below

  • What is a PCO car rental?
  • How can I hire PCO cars?
  • What are the benefits of hiring PCO cars?
  • What cars are the best PCO cars?
  • Conclusion

What is a PCO car rental?

PCO, the abbreviation of Public carriage office, means all the companies and offices which work to help the public transportation of a special area such as the UK. PCO cars are the four door vehicles or minivans which have the capacity of at least 4 passengers and meet the requirements of TfL (transport for London).

You can simply use your personal car to join a PHV (private hire vehicle) operator such as Uber if the car is accepted by them or choose a PCO car rental plan from a PCO car company and start your job as a PCO driver.


How can I hire PCO cars?

As it was mentioned, you can hire PCO cars through PCO car rental companies such as G&M Direct hire. These kinds of companies usually offer various range of PCO car rental plans which can help you to find the best fit. Note that there are a few requirements to be eligible to hire a PCO car. These requirements include:

  1. Being 21 or older
  2. Having a valid PCO license
  3. Owning a valid insurance number
  4. Affording the deposit fee and the first week rental fee

The forth requirement can be changed for different companies based on their interests and your situation.

In order to start the process of hiring PCO cars, you should collect the mentioned documents and refer to a PCO car company. By comparing the offered plans and choosing the best fit, you have passed the next step. The last thing to do is to wait for the official process and receive your PCO car in a few days.

Note that PCO cars are usually Uber ready and you don’t need to collect any further documents to register the car for Uber. Also, some companies will offer you free documentation upload on rideshare companies which is a positive point for them and can make you step way forward simply.

What are the benefits of hiring PCO cars?

There are many different benefits that can convince you to hire a PCO car rather than using your own car to work as a PCO driver. Here, you can read the top advantages of hiring PCO cars:


Drive in your dream car!

All of us may have a dream car that we never could afford to buy. By rental plans you have a vast range of options so that you can find your dream car to hire and drive with it endlessly.

You can also rent a car and if you don't like it, change it for the next few weeks and use a different vehicle to work.

Omit the extra expenses

By hiring PCO cars, you won’t have to pay for MOT or licensing costs, no more servicing fees and there would be free fixing offers by the company. Thus, you will only for fuel and the rental fee!

Be more kind to the environment

PCO cars provided by PCO car companies are often newer models and brands which means they produce less harmful gases. Besides, you can hire a full electric car to both be a help to the current world wide air pollution and be a part of Uber clean air plan. Through this plan, you can not only earn more, but also be eligible to receive a fund to buy a new car!

Note that with hiring a full electric vehicle, you will be free of charge or get a discount in many areas of London including congestion fees.

It is fair to mention a few disadvantages of hiring a PCO car, which are not truly a disadvantage but you need to know them before hiring PCO cars.


  1. You have a limited option among the models and colors of the cars.
  2. You have to pay a weekly rental fee and a deposit fee at the same time for the first week.
  3. It is not your own car! Unless you choose a rent to buy plan.
  4. Different companies may offer different models and ages of the car so you need to search a lot to find your favorite vehicle.


What cars are the best PCO cars?

Well, this part of the article can be really useful for those who have decided to choose a PCO car rental plan through a PCO car company. Clearly, you might not know what car to pick as a PCO car to hire. The list below is about the top 10 PCO cars rented by PCO drivers in London and got the highest rank among the other vehicles.

  1. Nissan leaf (full electric)
  2. Kia Niro  (full electric)
  3. Toyota Prius (plug-in)
  4. Toyota Prius plus (hybrid)
  5. Toyota Prius (hybrid)
  6. Toyota corolla (hybrid)
  7. Mercedes Benz (E-class)
  8. Ford Galaxy
  9. Vauxhall Zafira
  10. Volkswagen


In the days of growing Uber and other rideshare apps all around the world, it is a good option for many people to work as a PCO driver with these companies in part time or full time plans to increase their earnings. One of the main requirements of starting your job as a PCO driver is to have a PCO car which can be easily hired by PCO car companies. By reading this article, you can have a clearer view of PCO cars. Hope it will be useful. 

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