PCO 9-seater Car for Rent

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PCO 9-seaters are so popular among the customers who want the car for corporate workplaces, and they can also use them for long-distance or urban personal needs. Especially with its large volume, it is perfect for people who need a large rental car in this direction.

You can now contact GM Direct to get a PCO 9-seater, high standards with suitable car rental conditions. We are waiting for you with the cheapest car rental options in the sector. In line with our customer satisfaction and business principles, we deliver our PCO 9-seater cars to you with full-time insurance and maintenance. In addition, we do the interior and exterior cleaning of the car before delivery for your comfort.

General Features of PCO 9-seaters for rent

We can classify PCO 9-seaters as minibuses. They have a powerful, mostly2200 cc engines. These vehicles have an average power of 125 horsepower, and they produce 350 nm of torque and offer a performance driving pleasure. Their maximum speed can reach 157 km / h. There are also a dual battery and fuel line heater in these vehicles. This critical feature makes the probability of staying on the road close to zero due to battery failure, especially during essential journeys.

These 5.4 meter long vehicles contain two 12 volt sockets. In addition, all cars in GM Direct have robust sound systems also USB ports. They have hill-start support, two airbags, gear change warning, active rollover protection, active roll control, electronic stability control, load sensitive control, soft suspensions, hydraulic brake assist, and emergency roadside assistance. These features have critical importance for the safety of you and your passengers during your London travels with a PCO 9-seater for rent.

Manual Fuel Consumption of 9-Seat Cars

Most of the 9-seat vehicles have a fuel capacity of 80 liters; they can travel 1200 km on average with a single tank. They consume 7.3 liters of fuel per 100 km in the city and 6.1 liters of energy outside the city.

Of course, PCO 9-seater cars are commercial vehicles, but they are economical and the most logical choices for rental cars. The 9-seat vehicles in GM Direct have the Euro 5 environmental standard certificate and are nature-friendly vehicles with an average of 172 grams of carbon emissions per kilometer.

Some Advice from GM Direct before You Rent a Car

Generally, it is pretty easy to rent a car if the following are adhered to:

Decide What You Want

GM Direct is a car rental company with the highest customer rank in London with a high rating average score based on customer reviews. The cheapest car from GM Direct is Toyota Corolla which costs only 210 euros per week that is an economical car as a rental car.

GM Direct is the most popular rental car group in London; there are a lot of Surprises waiting for the customers, and be the first to do so!

Choose the Date of Purchase and Return Appropriately

If you want to save, choose the exact pickup and return time. Car rental companies charge for one whole day, so if you rent a car for 25 hours, you pay 48 hours (two full days), and for 74 hours, you pay 96 hours (four full days).

When choosing a vehicle, you must decide how many passengers will travel with you and how much luggage will go in the car. Note that the number of suitcases for each vehicle is conditionally specified. A suitcase usually refers to a standard size hand luggage. If you rent a car for more than five passengers, renting two cars from the traditional rental car class is often cheaper and more convenient than a single multi-person vehicle. However, 9-seat PCO cars in GM Direct are good advice for populated families and gatherings.

If You Are Traveling with Children, Reserve a Safety Seat for Your Child

Renting a child seat costs a lot of money, but not being in the car can result in more considerable fines than its rent. Also, a regular airline ticket allows you to carry a child seat without paying (contact your airline for more accurate information). Besides, you can always buy your child's heart from the nearest supermarket upon arrival.

Inform GM Direct if you want to leave the country with the PCO 9-seater car

If you will be using a ferry or crossing a country border with your rental car, carefully read the Rental Conditions of various vendors. One car rental company will allow you to cross any country border, while another may allow you to travel by ferry. In conclusion, if you are planning to buy tickets for the ferry, inform the car rental company in advance so they can tell you the number of cars you will be renting.

Always Pay Attention to Fuel Policy

Always taking the full-empty option is not advantageous. If you are on a small island or are going to rent a car for a few days, do not rush to get a full tank from the rental car collateral. You may not be able to use all purchased fuel.

Consider the Different Types of Purchases

The most suitable reception type is Welcome & Meet. If you choose a car for rent with this option, you will not have to wait in line or take the shuttle that will take you to the car for rent point with your luggage. Instead, when you exit your terminal, you will be greeted with a sign with your name or the name of the car for rent company, and your car will be waiting in the parking lot. As a result, the Meet & Meet option is cheaper with rental car companies that have branches at the airport because they do not include the airport fee in the rental price.

Never Forget the Additional Fee

In most cases, you have to leave a deposit at the time of rental. See FAQ about Excess Fee and Excess Fee Reduction, but you can usually afford this deposit or buy Surcharge Discount. Always pay attention to the residue you leave in the company, as the rental fee is low, but the surcharge is relatively high or vice versa. Always consider the total amount, not just the rental price.

Inform Your Country of Residence to the PCO Hiring Company

You should always accurately indicate your Country of Residence, as it may affect the price of the car for rent, or even they may reject your vehicle for rent. If you are not from the UK and want a car for rent, you may be confront an unpleasant surprise of the manager asking you to purchase insurance because rental car insurance is mandatory.


Source: https://gmdirecthire.co.uk/blog

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