5 Great Way to Increase Telegram View

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Telegram Channel View


There are several ways to increase your Telegram view, some of them are mentioned in this podcast. We hope that with this podcast and solutions, we have been able to lead you to the search results of increasing Telegram visits.

Some users may not be familiar with the term Telegram view or Telegram Seen yet. So let's start with a brief description of the view.


Telegram software started its activity in 2013, which initially had few users. But gradually the number of users increased. With the increasing popularity of social users of the Telegram application, the capabilities of this app were also increasing. One of the good features of Telegram is the Telegram channel.



Telegram Channel


Every Telegram channel needs an administrator and a member. Telegram members refer to the same people as the channel or users of the Telegram channel, which we will explain in future articles. So after posting on the Telegram channel, members or channel users can see it.



Telegram Post View


The posts that are published by the channel admin in the channel have a feature below it that indicates the visit to the post. Each 1,000 visits equals 1k. That means 1,000 members or users have visited the post.



Difference between Visit, View and Seen:


Among Telegram users, many names are exchanged for software terms, which sometimes make words different, but in a semantic sense a concept. The three words "visit", "view" and "seen" have the same meaning, and all three concepts convey the meaning of the telegram post.



How to Increase Telegram Post vIews


  1. Using Bots to Increase Telegram View

As you know, in addition to the channel, group, and…, there is also a robot in Telegram, and it has a lot of fans. Telegram robots are coded and set up based on php programming. One of the thousands of telegram robots is the Telegram Visit Enhancement Robot, which will increase your mail traffic by registering and forwarding posts on these robots.


  1. Send Telegram channel posts to advertising groups

There are groups called Telegram advertising groups. The number of members of these groups is high, and by forwarding your posts in these groups, you will reach the desired visit to your post. The link of several high value advertising groups for you is located in the channel of advertising groups, which you can use by entering this channel.


  1. Post exchange with other channels

Exchange is another way to increase post views and also increase Telegram channel members. In this way, admins can share their desired results by sharing posts with each other. There are many exchange groups where admins work, and they always want to tab or exchange your channel post or banner.


  1. Pay for ads on high statistics channels and real users

In this way, you can increase the number of views to your post by paying according to the tariff of the same channel. Another aspect of this is your business advertising, which is very effective. But the cost of this method is high and may not be affordable.


  1. Buy Telegram Views

The last way you need to do is buy telegram view to increase your channel traffic. In this way, you do not need any knowledge, you do not bother and you can get your post with the highest visit at the lowest price. Oxim services are suitable for the last 1 to 100 posts of your channel. Visist OXIM.IO and see the available packages.

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