How to weight loss with cosmetic surgeries?

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Weight gain is one of the causes of weight gain, or in other words, obesity, causes "obesity", which is one of the reasons why this disease is considered "progressive". Weight gain causes hormonal, metabolic, and molecular changes in the body that increase the risk of further fat accumulation. Such biological changes associated with obesity reduce the body's ability to oxidize (burn) fat to produce energy, convert glucose (carbohydrates) to fat, and increase the body's capacity to store fat in fat storage stores (adipose tissue). This means that most of the calories consumed are stored as fat. Worse, obesity affects certain regulators of appetite and hunger in a way that can lead to increased food volume and frequency of eating. Therefore, weight gain changes the body's biology in a way that supports more weight gain and obesity.

Low calorie diet is the first treatment for overweight and obesity, but diet is also effective in the development of obesity. Weight loss through dieting triggers biological reactions that last a long time and lead to weight gain. One of these responses affects energy balance. When a person loses weight, the body thinks it is hungry and consumes energy to maintain calories. Reducing energy intake with weight loss in the diet requires that the dieter eats even fewer calories than a person of the same size who has never dieted to maintain weight loss. However, following a diet and eating less is difficult because there are long-term changes in appetite regulators that increase appetite and the amount of food that can be eaten. Such dietary changes create a positive energy balance and weight gain, and because conditions that are responsible for reducing energy consumption and increasing the desire to eat continue in the long time, a person often not only loses all of his or her lost weight, but also gains even more weight.

Although we cannot change the actual size of our stomach (other than undergoing gastric bypass or sleeve surgery), if we eat consciously and follow a healthy diet, we can reduce our stomach capacity.

One of the best strategies to reduce stomach capacity and the symptoms of hunger is to do instantaneous exercise.(at the moment)

Taste your food like a food critic. It takes about 20 minutes for signals related to the expansion of the stomach to reach the brain and tell us to stop eating. So if you eat fast, your chances of overeating increase. Try to eat slowly. Eliminate distractions while eating and focus on eating. Instead of just eating food as fast as possible, try to taste it well, understand the smell, texture and appearance of the food. Focusing on low-volume but nutrient-dense meals can also help reduce stomach capacity.

Always try to eat nutritious foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy and whole grains. These foods satiate you faster than fats, simple sugars and processed foods. Consumption of vegetables is very important. Because vegetables can help satiety without adding extra energy and calories to the diet.

Choosing the best method to lose weight and get rid of extra fats depends on many factors which is based on your physical condition.

If your BMI is more than 30 we suggest you to go for bariatric surgery first, for getting a better result and becoming satisfy with your body image. Bariatric surgeries include different methods like gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, that by assessing your condition, including your personal lifestyle, your readiness for post-surgical changes, your family readiness, and your priorities the best method will be chosen for you and ultimately, your surgeon is the most appropriate and the most reliable person to help you choose the best surgery.

Eating habits, preoperative tests and BMI are the key factors in choosing the best surgery for you.

But if your BMI is lower than 30 and you want to reshape and contour your body, liposuction is the best choice.

What is BMI?

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure used to define overweight and obesity.

BMI can be determined using BMI chart or calculated according to the following formula:

Weight in kg divided by height in square meters (BMI = kg / m2)


BMI categories are:


BMI range

Normal size




Class I obesity


Serious obesity class II


Severe obesity class III

40 and more


Liposuction is a kind of cosmetic surgery for removing extra fat from different parts of your body including abdomen, sides, back, thighs, hip, arms and double chin which does not go away by diet or exercise.

This surgery is also used for reshaping or countering of your body in mentioned area which is known as body sculpturing.

As explained above, liposuction is used for removing fat from large areas of your body but liposculpture is more modified and is used for people who want to just shape their body and have a more athletic look body.

Who is eligible for liposuction surgery?

If the elasticity of your skin and your muscle tone is in good situation and your physical and overall health condition is good and you have fat deposit that cannot be get rid of by dieting and exercising and also you are not classified in obese category, you are eligible to go for the surgery.

What are different techniques for liposuction?

  • Laser-assisted method (breaks the fat using laser, and then it will be ejected from the body)
  • Power assisted method (breaks the fat using fats vibrating cannula that loosens the fat cells)
  • Suction assisted method (a traditional liposuction type with the help of a sucker machine)
  • Vaser method (uses one extra step for breaking fat cells using ultrasonic waves)
  • Twin-cannula assisted method (as its name shows, it uses two cannula instead of one for removing more fats with less scar)
  • Tumescent liposuction (which inject tumescent fluid to the target area for reducing pain and bleeding)
  • Body jet and lipomatic (using special devices with the same name for liposuction that protects fat cells for injecting to other parts of the body)

What is liposuction 360?

It is a liposuction procedure that is done circumferential. It is included the liposuction of belly, sides and back and makes you more in shape.

Is it possible to have six pack look in belly by liposuction?

Yes, by liposuction surgery we can make lines on your belly that makes you look more athletic and you can have a six pack look belly.


It should be noted that all surgeries have their own risks, but surgeries that are performed in reputable centers are safe and have very few risks and complications. Successful surgery requires a team approach. You will get much better results if you eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and follow your post-operative visits regularly, You also need to change your lifestyle and eating habits.


What is Gastric sleeve surgery?

A gastric sleeve is a weight loss surgery for people with obesity problem. Gastric sleeve surgery is performed using the minimally-invasive laparoscopic technique. It is available at modern hospitals in cities like Tehran.

All these procedures will done with laparoscopic technical with the least remaining scar.

Unlike intra Gastric balloon and Gastric band that make lots of difficulties for patients after the surgery, Gastric sleeve will not make difficulties in eating after your healing.

As the price of this surgery is cheaper in Iran in contrast with other countries, many people prefer to travel to Iran where you can get the most effective result.

What is Gastric bypass surgery?

A gastric bypass is a weight loss surgery for people who has obesity problem. The surgical staples are used for creating a small pouch at the top of your stomach and the pouch is then connected to the small intestine and the rest of the stomach will be missed. It means that you may need less food to feel full and as a result you would absorb fewer calories from the food you eat.

All these procedures will done with laparoscopic techniques with the least remaining scar.

Unlike intra Gastric balloon and Gastric band that make lots of difficulties for patients after the surgery, Gastric bypass will not make difficulties in eating after your healing.

As the price of this surgery is cheaper in Iran in contrast with other countries, many people prefer to travel to Iran where you can get the most effective result.

Which is suitable for me? Gastric bypass or gastric sleeve?

Depending on your tests and on your food diet, the surgeon will decide which kind of weight loss surgery in suitable for you.

Also we have other kind of gastric bypass techniques including gastric mini bypass, SASI bypass and etc.

Deciding which surgery is the best for you, depends on several factors:

Food habits: How you eat your daily food, is important in choosing the best surgery which is suitable for you. Eating massive portion of food or having crumb eating habit, determines which method is appropriate.

Gastric sleeve is more appropriate for massive portion eaters and gastric bypass is more appropriate for crumb eaters.

Pre-operative test: you will have some pre-operative tests which play an important role in choosing the best surgery for you.

For example some techniques are not suitable for people with gastric reflux. Deciding whether you have such problems or not depends on the result of your test and the opinion of your surgeon.

Your BMI: for reaching your goal weight, some decision are made based on your BMI. For patients having a higher BMI, bypass techniques may be more appropriate and for others, Gastric sleeve may be an option.

Our surgical team will assess your situation including your personal life style, how you are prepared for changes after the surgery, your family preparation and your priority.

Finally your surgeon is the best and the most suitable and reliable person for helping you to choose the best surgery.


All the methods which has been mentioned above are approved by the American Society for Metabolic Surgery and Obesity and each of them are excellent options for helping you to lose weight in a healthy and long-lasting way and also improving obesity-related medical conditions.

It should be highlighted that all surgeries have its own risks but obesity surgeries which are performed at reliable centers are safe and have much few risks and complications.

A successful obesity surgery requires a team approach consisting of a surgeon, nutritionist, nurse and other medical specialist who will help you in each stage of your weight loss journey.

You will achieve much better result if you eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, have your regular visit by your surgeon, and take vitamins and mineral supplements as directed. You also need to change your life style and also your eating habits. As an example you need to chew your food more than 20 times. You also may require periodic blood tests to monitor vitamin and mineral levels and have annual checkups.

Is Gastric sleeve good for improving the body health?

Yes. Like Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve has also good effects on body health which occur to your body due to obesity including: Heart disease, High blood pressure, Obstructive sleep apnea, Diabetes and fatty liver. But pay attention that the effect of gastric bypass on these disorders are much more in compare to gastric sleeve.



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