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 The city of Tehran, the great and beautiful capital of our country, Iran, welcomes many travelers from all over the country who travel to this city for different purposes or business purposes.

 Booking a hotel is one of the most important steps that people should take before traveling so that they can stay in one of the Tehran hotels without wasting time and safely.

 Therefore, booking a hotel in Tehran, before starting the trip, is important and you should decide as carefully as possible to choose a hotel in Tehran.

 Fortunately, there are many ways to book a hotel in Tehran.

 The best way in this situation is to use online hotel reservation services, without the need for physical presence, you can easily search among different sites and even make online hotel reservations before the trip.

 If it is difficult for you to choose a hotel from the large number of hotels in Tehran, in this article we will introduce the best hotels in Tehran so that you do not have a problem in this regard.

Parsian Azadi Hotel, Tehran


 Azadi Hotel in Tehran or the former Hyatt Hotel is one of the most magnificent and at the same time the most modern hotels in the capital, where tourists will definitely experience a dream trip.  On the other hand, it has an excellent location so that it has access to the most important shopping centers of the city, entertainment and tourism places such as Saad Abad historical complex, Jurassic Park, Tochal entertainment complex, international exhibition, this is one of the most important advantages of the hotel.  Be.  Azadi Hotel in Tehran has experienced and ethical staff who welcome the hotel guests.

 Geographical location of the hotel

 Azadi Hotel Tehran is located near the foothills of Alborz and the intersection of the main highway of Tehran, namely the intersection of Chamran Highway and Yadegar Imam, which is one of the best and most pleasant areas of Tehran. In addition, Azadi Hotel in Tehran is a hotel close to Tehran International Exhibition.

 Traffic and crowded streets of Tehran is one of the most important problems of this city that many travelers prefer to book a hotel for their accommodation that is outside the scope of the permanent traffic plan and couples and individuals of Tehran, we give you the Azadi Hotel in Tehran  we suggest.

 Hotel accommodation units

 Azadi Hotel in Tehran has a 26-storey building with 475 well-equipped and luxurious accommodation units, which stands out like a shining jewel in that area.  Each of the hotel accommodation units is unique in its kind.  The facilities of these units are such that it meets all the needs of the guests.

 Hotel restaurants

 Azadi Hotel in Tehran is equipped with several restaurants and coffee shops that have a very stylish and luxurious environment with a great view.  The hotel restaurants offer a variety of Persian, French, seafood, traditional, fast food and vegetarian dishes of choice and buffet, so hotel guests can easily request food at the Azadi Hotel without the need for restaurants or coffee shops.  Refer to city level.

 Hotel sports facilities

 Leisure and sports facilities of Azadi Hotel in Tehran is one of the most attractive and exciting parts for guests.  These facilities include a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, traditional bath, spa, massage parlor, etc.

 Azadi Hotel halls

 This luxurious hotel is equipped with several extremely stylish and luxurious multi-purpose halls that are used for holding various ceremonies, celebrations, seminars and conferences, etc.  The great view and the beautiful and stylish atmosphere of these halls have made it a great choice for holding the most glorious ceremonies.

 The mentioned cases are only a small part of the special features and special privileges of Azadi Hotel in Tehran and show that by booking Azadi Hotel in Tehran, tourists will definitely be faced with a set of the best and most up-to-date facilities and a unique welcome.  They become their usual choices.

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel, Tehran


 Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran is a luxurious five-star hotel located in Greater Tehran, at the foot of the Alborz Mountains, and with its unique building and architecture, it is one of the best international hotels in Tehran.

 Geographical location of the hotel

 Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran has a large and luxurious building that is divided into two towers, east and west, each of which has facilities and rooms with different capacities.

 The access of this luxury hotel to the most important centers and urban areas has made it popular and along with its unique facilities, it has become one of the most unique hotels in Iran.  Esteghlal Hotel is also close to Tehran International Fair, which is less than five minutes away from Tehran International Fair, which is one of the most important places in the city.

 Therefore, if you are looking to book a hotel close to Tehran Exhibition and other important attractions of this city, Esteghlal Hotel will welcome you in the most complete way.

 Hotel accommodation units

 Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran, with 504 luxurious and well-equipped rooms along with 48 wonderful suites, is the largest hotel in the Parsian complex and undoubtedly the best hotel in Tehran.

 The rooms and units of this hotel are divided into single or double rooms according to their capacity and facilities. In addition, by booking Esteghlal Hotel, you will also be able to choose royal and ordinary suites.

 Hotel restaurants

 Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran has private restaurants with quality food that will undoubtedly make you satisfied with your stay in this hotel.  Rose Restaurant, Turkish Cuisine Restaurant and Al-Hayat Arabic Restaurant are ready to receive you dear ones.

 The facilities of this hotel do not end here and you should know that the seasonal restaurant Gileva is another attractive restaurant of this hotel which is located in the open air and will double the pleasure of eating for you.

 Hotel sports facilities

 If you are also interested in entertainment and sports and want to use the wonderful facilities during your stay, Esteghlal Luxury Hotel in Tehran has a private tennis court, large indoor pool, a variety of dry and steam saunas, Jacuzzi, gyms  Equipped with other wonderful services such as massage, which gives you the opportunity to experience a comfortable and luxurious stay.

 Esteghlal Hotel halls

 Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran will accompany and receive travelers by providing Yas 1 and 2 halls with a capacity of 300 people.

 In addition, the presence of Nofel Loshato Hall-Restaurant allows you to hold meetings or small celebrations in a stylish and luxurious atmosphere with quality services.

 The Sea of   Light Hall is another wonderful reception hall in this hotel, which in addition to its stunning architecture and luxurious atmosphere, has a capacity of 1000 guests.

 If your goal is to stay at work and attend important meetings, this hotel has a business room and a well-equipped meeting room designed for your comfort.

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