High Production Always Increases Farmers' Profits; Written by Sirous Tosh

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High Production Always Increases Farmers' Profits; Written by Sirous Tosh

Farmers around the world only achieve significant profitability when they have high production and cultivation.

Agricultural economics today includes a variety of practical disciplines and fields and has a significant overlap with conventional economics. Moreover, agricultural economists have made substantial contributions to research in economics, econometrics, development economics, and environmental economics.


From the past to the present, food provision has been one of the fundamental issues of human beings, so that food security has been at the forefront of government programs as one of the main goals. Undoubtedly, in order to achieve food security, in addition to adopting favorable policies and having sufficient resources, the production of agricultural products should meet all the needs of society.


The role of agriculture in economic development

Agriculture is considered as the driving force of economic growth in the early stages of development, and in the later stages, it is given at least five major roles (i.e. monetization, job creation, food supply, market development, and earning foreign currency) in the structural change of the economy.

Sirous Tosh added:  Due to the agricultural sector's independence from other countries and the availability of domestic facilities and resources, economic development can be initiated from the agricultural sector. So that such a priority may not be provided for other sectors in the early stages.

The agricultural sector does not usually compete with any other sector, but its development can complement the development of other sectors. A closer look at most of the factors used in the agricultural sector can shed light on the lack of competition between the development of this sector and other sectors.


Because of its importance, economists have provided some models for the agricultural sector as follows:

  • Agricultural development model
  • Community Development Program (CDP)
  • Dissemination model
  • Green revolution model
  • Induced innovation model
  • Comprehensive model of rural development
  • Basic needs model


Somebody once told me you would never succeed in this system. Fortunately, I could make a good profit from agriculture by changing the world economy and most of all by changing the agricultural economy of Oman.

All you have to do is to increase your agricultural production and machinery. Unknowingly, brokers will come to you; that is when you will set the price.

I, Sirous Tosh, based on my 17 years of knowledge in agriculture and basic agriculture, have fully understood the rule that you should have high production to achieve adequate profitability.

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