Three-layer glass

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Three-layer glass is considered as one of the types of quality glass. At present, the design and manufacture of bulletproof glass by this product is done for various purposes. Inter-cabinet glass is one of the colored glass that is installed and executed between the gaps between the cabinets. The material of this type of glass is different from other glasses. Because it is highly resistant to shocks, heat and humidity. Three-layer glass is one of the most suitable glasses that has various applications and since it is produced using three layers of glass, therefore, it has great durability and resistance. It should be noted that all doors and windows made of three-layer glass have a very high level of safety and are difficult to break.

قیمت و خرید آینه فانتزی آگاهی گلس



قیمت و خرید شیشه ضد گلوله طلافروشی آگاهی گلس

Features of triple glazing

One of the best and most important features of triple glazing used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass and glass between cabinets is that it can be used as sound insulation. In addition, the high resistance of this type of glass has led to it being used in many cases. These glasses are completely safe and do not pose a special danger when broken. They also prevent the harmful rays of the sun from entering and are resistant to bullets and various shocks. Protecting the building from wind force and having optimal performance in humid environments are other features of triple glazing. On the other hand, in the facade of the building and glass partitions, they can create a unique transparency and beauty.

قیمت و خرید شیشه بین کابینتی طرح دار آگاهی گلس

Application of three-layer glass

Triple glazing is the newest and most modern glass on the market, which is used in the environment around airports, various industries, highways, as well as in places with high traffic. The use of three-layer glass in a variety of projects and environments such as patios, poolside pieces, toilets and bathrooms is very common. The most important applications of this safe and popular product are bulletproof glass, balcony glass, inter-cabinet glass, glass flooring in places with attractive and modern decoration. This glass is designed and manufactured in such a way that it can be used to make doors and windows, and contrary to some people's beliefs, it will not break easily.


Advantages of triple glazing

Inter-cabinet glass is much easier to clean and clean than other materials, and their resistance to impact and heat and its use in the manufacture of inter-cabinet glass is one of the most important advantages of three-layer glass. Another advantage of triple glazing is that its safety factor is much higher than ordinary glass and if it is broken, it will not be divided into large and winning pieces and will not cause irreparable human and financial losses. Bulletproof glass is produced using this glass and is a better alternative to other methods of building security such as protection and fencing. With this type of glass, people are able to enjoy huge transparent surfaces in the building facade and high safety. Bulletproof glass is very resistant to theft and bullets.

Price of three-layer glass

Three-layer glass is one of the most suitable types of safety glass, which, unlike ordinary glass, does not fall down when broken. There are many examples of this type of glass, the most common of which are bulletproof glass and inter-cabinet glass. If you want to buy this product, you should know that three-layer glass is priced based on dimensions, thickness and type of use. It should be noted that ordinary, colored, flute, etc. glass sheets are used to produce three-layer glass. This glass is currently one of the best-selling glasses on the market. If you buy it from the distribution centers and suppliers of glass and mirrors, it will make you buy a large volume of the product at a wholesale and cheap price.


Concluding remarks

Three-layer glass has a very high resistance and is known as one of the types of security glass. This glass is used not only in residential buildings but also for making bulletproof glass and soundproof glass. Other important and basic applications of three-layer glass can be used in the production of inter-cabinet glass. One of the reasons that draws everyone's attention to three-layer glass as well as glass made of it is that it is resistant to shocks, heat, moisture, etc. and is difficult to break or crack. Becomes. On the other hand, if it is broken, it will not be divided into large and sharp pieces and will not cause any damage or injury.

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