Important points in buying half face mask, face shield and anti-acid clothes

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Buy anti-acid clothingلباس ضد اسید 

Knowing some tips before buying will help you to make a proper and economical purchase. To buy anti-acid clothes, some points such as the size of the clothes will be of special importance. However, this garment may be worn for a long time and its size will be extremely important, because it prevents people from getting tired and also brings proper comfort and safety while working.

The type of covers and the material used in its production is also very important because it must be resistant to acidic compounds and prevent corrosion and burning of clothes. If you buy a quality and standard garment, in addition to creating more safety, you will also avoid the additional costs of repurchasing the garment.

Face shield specificationsشیلد صورت  

To buy a transparent face protector, you should pay attention to certain specifications; Because the characteristics of the types of shilds are talc and head, which in many cases are made of plastic and the head is made of polycarbonate. But there are other types of transparent face shield models that you should see in many companies in the models of the year. Due to its rigging capability, it has become one of the most widely used devices for greater security and safety in space. Many people use this device in urban planning, car factories and construction due to the special specifications of the shield, and the most important advantage and application of the shield is mainly due to the protection of the face, which you can find in different brands of different types of protectors. View and buy a clear face.


Types of half face masks ماسک نیم صورت  

The most important feature that has caused the use of half-face masks to be considered is their high ability to protect the respiratory system. These masks have a filter and the strap that is installed on them closes at the back of the head. Unlike cloth masks, these masks do not have a seam to allow contaminants to enter the respiratory system. As a result, with the use of these masks, the probability of infected particles entering the respiratory system is almost zero. There are different types of masks that are as follows:

Half face mask with two filters

These masks are made of silicone and their placement on the face does not cause any allergies. As a result, if you have sensitive skin or you suffer from severe allergies, you can use these products with ease and protect your respiratory system.


In what environments is a half face mask used?

One of the most frequently asked questions when ordering a half face mask is in what environments these products are used. These products can be used in the following environments:


Environments that contain dust and particulate and biological pollutants, such as oil and petrochemical refineries

Environments where people deal with ammonia vapor and alkalis.

Environments where people deal with organic matter and petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel.

Environments where people deal with organic vapors such as chlorine gas and acid gases.

Environments where people deal with sulfur dioxide.

Environments where people deal with mercury vapor, nitrogen oxide pollutants and carbon monoxide.

In fact, as you can see, people working in laboratories, refineries and polluted environments can use these masks.


Apply a half face mask

When it comes to masks, everyone knows that it's the job of protecting the respiratory system. Half-face masks are designed to have strong filters and never allow toxic gases or contaminated particles to enter and damage the respiratory system. It is good to know that studies have shown that these products significantly reduce the risk of chronic lung diseases such as asthma and lung cancer, and this is very important in maintaining the health of people who work in such environments.


Benefits of half face mask

Given the issues we have addressed so far, you are all familiar with the benefits of these masks. Lung tissue is soft and very sensitive tissue and contaminated gases or particles can deposit in this soft tissue and destroy it. Sometimes these particles form a mass in the lungs, which can lead to lung cancer. It is good to know that if oxygen does not reach the brain within 3 minutes, there is a risk of stroke. For this reason, the lung is one of the organs that is very important to protect and we must protect the health of the lung by using appropriate products.

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