Extensive advertising on Telegram

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Extensive Telegram advertising is done by advertising and marketing teams; In this way, you contact an advertising team in Telegram and by providing the required information, you ask them to take responsibility for your advertising in Telegram. In this way, you will no longer have to deal with issues such as the type of advertising method and و, and you can safely handle other matters related to your company.



Design and construction of Telegram robot

Telegram robots are also used for advertising. The advantage of these robots is that they can be used in different ways. For example, you can design a robot to recruit you or a robot to send your digital business card to business owners. There are even robots built to pay customers.


Increase Telegram channel membership

The purpose of increasing the Telegram channel member is to buy telegram member. This method is good for those who have just designed a telegram channel and after joining their friends in the channel and posting some interesting posts, it is time to increase the number of their members.

Increasing the number of members is important in that it will increase the trust of other users in you, and as a result, when you launch other types of telegram ads, those who enter your channel through ads will more easily trust and become members of the channel.


Telegram click ads

Another type of telegram advertising is click advertising. As the name implies, you have to pay for the number of clicks on your ad. Therefore, this method can be cost-effective in some ways, and it can even be said that it is more economical than visit advertising. But it also has its own problems.

The biggest problem with click-through ads is that you need to install special systems to know how many clicks your ad will get. Note that the quality of different systems is not the same, and you should use a quality system to show you more accurate statistics.

Another problem is that, like , your ad is less likely to be by competitors. In this case, the cost of advertising will be wasted without making a profit.



How to identify the best telegram channels related to each topic?

As mentioned, the best telegram channels for sending your ads are channels that are relevant to your business; This is because your potential customers are usually members of these channels, and they are more likely to join your channel when they see an ad.

It is recommended that you be a member of the channel for a few days and check the quality of its posts in order to have a high quality of the channel in which you publish your ads. See if your audience likes these posts? Are the posts published on this channel relevant to your brand? Then consult to publish the ad.

Use the following methods to identify these types of channels:


1- Subscribe to the Telegram channel of the sites

Just do a Google search for your business keyword and go to the sites that appear on the results page. Check out the social networks of these sites. They should usually have a telegram channel as well. If there is a Telegram channel, become a member of the channel and after examining all aspects, enter into a conversation with the channel manager to publish the ad.



2- Subscribe to the Telegram channel of Instagram pages

The same goes for Instagram pages; So you can easily search for the topic you want on Instagram and become a member of the Telegram channel, which is usually written in the bio.


3- Getting help from other telegram channels

If you are a member of other channels, you may also come targeted members for telegram advertising posts of your own business by viewing the posts daily. In this case, become a member of the channel without delay and follow the steps that were said about the Telegram channel of the sites.


4- Getting help from Telegram channel introduction sites

Some sites, such as the site, have been created to introduce telegram channels. You can Google phrases like "Introducing Telegram Channels" to find more sites. These sites typically categorize telegram channels based on their subject. As a result, you can easily find active channels in your field.


Benefits of Telegram Advertising

In general, advertising from any channel is a necessity for any business. Suppose you have a store in a secluded alley, so how do customers know there is a store at the end of this alley that can meet their needs? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. In addition, the range of their choices will be wider and they can consider your shop items as their options of choice.

The same is true of telegram advertising. Especially with the new lifestyle that Corona has created for all of us, a lot of things are done online and on mobile. Users prefer to sit at home and find everything they need on their laptops and mobiles. Among these, one of the most useful applications among Iranians after Instagram is Telegram. Many users visit their telegram channels every night after finishing their daily work to relieve their tiredness. Therefore, it can be boldly said that advertisements in Telegram will have a high guarantee.


Advertising prices in Telegram

Of course, methods that focus only on your company's advertising, such as building a telegram robot or extensive telegram advertising, will cost more than other advertising methods.

Another factor that affects the price of telegram ads is how many ads the post is. For example, a post that is posted at the beginning of the night and then dozens of other posts may be published can not be compared with the post that was posted at the end of the night and will remain on the screens of users' phones until the next morning.




In general, it can be said that advertising in Telegram is one of the effective marketing methods for all types of businesses. In this way, instead of waiting for customers to come to you, you will go to your customers yourself and as a result, you will do an effective marketing. Especially if this is done purposefully and according to the target audience, it can have the highest return on investment for you. The streaming social media advertising platform helps you to implement your Telegram ads in a targeted and optimal way in the popular Telegram channels.



Types of advertising methods in Telegram and how to advertise in Telegram and ways and methods to increase Telegram channel membership and how to increase Telegram channel membership.


One of the main ways to succeed in Internet business, today the popularity of social networks among users has increased so much that most people are present in this type of network on a daily basis. Telegram is the most popular social network among Iranian users who use the most Compared to other social networks, but the advertisements in Telegram and the  increase of members  in this network have increased a lot, which we will deal with in the following methods of advertisements in Telegram  and increase of Telegram members.



One of the most effective methods of advertising on various cable marketing and advertising Telegram Telegram, which is a very good effect both in marketing and in  increasing member of the telegram there . 




Undoubtedly, the best method of  advertising  in Telegram is the same method of advertising in Telegram channels, which has both marketing and advertising aspects and increasing Telegram membership, which is excellent for people who are active in the business class of Telegram. It is effective and purposeful .    




One of the ways to increase Telegram services is by using software such as (member catcher and tele-member) which are called fake and unreal (fake) members and are added to Telegram channels, but from Your posts will not be viewed and will only increase the channel membership . 



In this type of method, which is known as push or the same notification, and many advertising messages are sent to people in the form of pop-ups or make people unintentionally members of a particular channel, the advantage of this method in this method is that all members Added to the channel are completely real and visit your posts and the disadvantage of this method is that the loss of members in this method is more than other methods and is often used for public channels and for channels. Commercial is not recommended at all .


Note: The best way to increase the membership of commercial channels is to advertise on telegram channels and it is very effective .

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