All about Iran luxury tours for Canadians

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Many people around the world assume that Iran is an undeveloped country. They think it is a clingy country where its people live a Bedouin lifestyle. But this is a funny but false caricature made up for the Iranians. There are still many tourists who are amazed by all the modernity they see in Iran destinations. That’s the art of Iranians that have saved their traditional legacy, yet built cities and villages as modern as the European countries. An Iran luxury tour is a good choice to explore this ancient country with comfort and peace of mind!


What is an Iran luxury tour?

Standards are different in different countries. You might not have any idea what’s considered a good hotel or an excellent tour guide at your destination. One of the ways to ensure you have the best services at hand during your trip is by receiving luxury services. Therefore, you can ensure that you are receiving the highest standard services available in your destination country. In general, the services are not different from the ones given in most European countries. This way, there is no mystery of the destination services left.


How Is the Accommodation in an Iran Luxury Tours?


Have you heard about unique Persian architecture? The glorious buildings and structures that were built by our ancestors and show off the summit of their art and even science. Many of these masterpieces are now our honors to exhibit to foreign visitors. Some of them were houses to kings, politicians, or businesspersons. Nowadays they have changed to luxury 5-star hotels. These hotels are as standard as famous European ones. But also they are stunning and eye-catching like no other. Staying in a room as majestic as a king's room is just one part of our luxury tours! No need to mention that there are many high-standard modern-built hotels all over Iran. So, it just depends on you to choose the style of your accommodation.


How Are the Restaurants?


After enough rest, it’s time to explore Iran destinations. Historical buildings, ancient remaining, cultural events, and also hanging out with locals (if you want). Now, it’s time to have delicious food. There are international restaurants with famous international chefs in Iran’s big cities. But wait a minute! You have traveled to Iran to breathe in the Persian air for several days. So, let’s head to an Iranian-style restaurant. It can include both the building and the cuisine. In the so-called traditional restaurants, there’s a pool with flowing water which its sound soothes your after all the hassles of the outdoors. It completes with the mesmerizing tune of Persian songs. You sit on the traditional beds ornamented with Persian carpets. It’s when you order a remarkable Iranian dish. The variety of food choices in Persian cuisine makes it an ideal choice. Some restaurants focus on a specific category of Persian food, like kebabs. While others offer all the dishes in a traditional setting or a luxurious modern space. Even there are dishes for those who have special diets like being a vegetarian.


How Are You Supported in an Iran Luxury Tour?


One chief experience officer is assigned to each traveler. They will ensure all parts of your journey are aligned with your likes and dislikes and other preferences. These could include choosing the right guide, the right places, and experiences for your travel style during your trip. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to customize anything you’d like with their help. They could also assist you in buying souvenirs and things of that nature.


The Transportation in the Luxury Tours

For distant destinations on this trip, flights have been scheduled. Therefore, you are not on the road for too long. However, due to Iran’s attractive destinations being spread all over the place not far from each other, you will travel by car at some point. We have chosen modern SUV cars for your comfort. Also, your reliable drivers are by your side to ensure your peace of mind during your journey.


Getting an Iran Visa

Iran visa process is not a complicated one, except for the citizens of the United States, the UK, and Canada. The tourist from these countries must apply for their Iran visa via an Iran travel agency. You need to apply a few months before your journey since it takes longer to issue.


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