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If you are looking to buy cheap members for quality, this method is the best solution for you.


It is also free to buy Telegram members from addtelegrammember for various occasions and you can use these discounts.


This way your members will only be attracted to your referral pages and members will not be attracted to a source other than the pages you refer to.


You can introduce your competitors to the system to attract your followers.



buy members this way you can attract people who are interested in your topic.


These people are already familiar with your subject and are not familiar with it, and you can more easily interact with them and sell your goods and services to them.


Biggest advantage of this method is its reasonable cost. You have the opportunity to start with any budget and strengthen your channel. You can easily start with a small cost and do not need to spend a lot.


The guarantee in this way also ensures your assurance of attracting the number of members purchased.


Attracting followers in this way takes a reasonable amount of time. Note that a sudden increase in membership can pose risks, including blocking your channel, and this should be done slowly and steadily so that Telegram does not block your channel.


You can see the exact trend of increasing your followers through the panel of tracking robots.


If it is not suitable, you can evaluate the process to change the settings and pages you want and create the most optimal mode for yourself.


The advantages of followers over other competitors are free tools that help you optimize the process of buying followers.


These tools help you to interact with your followers and attract them well to your channel.


purchasing Telegram members from us, you will receive these features for free.


Many people have trouble posting on Telegram every day and do not have enough time to do so.


Using this tool, you can give your posts to the robot to be in your telegram channel at the specified time.


You can use it well in your content management and put your posts in the channel constantly and promise your users to have a post in the channel at a certain time and for a certain number of days.


Sending continuous and appropriate posts is one of the reasons for the success and proper efficiency of the Telegram members' buying process.


If you look at the Android market, you will come across a variety of these applications. In this way, you have to do things like commenting, following to earn credit and be able to buy Telegram members yourself.


But perhaps the least effective way is to use this method. People who follow you without any purpose and only do so in order to gain credibility in the program, may not need your product or service at all and after a long time you Anfal.


As we said, buying members should be purposeful, active and real. The next problem is that many people will follow you with their non-main pages to gain in-app credibility for their main channel and be able to buy their main channel followers.


In this case, you have attracted members who will never be activated and are only created for in-app credentials.


Be careful not to be fooled by slogans such as buy cheap Telegram members or buy cheap targeted telegram members.


In this case, you may pay a very small fee, but you will definitely be given a fake and inactive follower and the same amount of your fee will be lost.


Also note that if you buy real members, followers will never be added to your account all at once, and this process will be time consuming.





You can advertise your telegram channel on major channels, as you prepare a promotional content. This content can be in the form of photos or videos and you include your advertising message in it.


You write the right text for it and give it to the advertising channels. Your post will stay on the channel for as long as you purchase, and users will see the ad channel and follow your group if they wish.


You can also request a repost from groups by paying more for this method.


In this case, your post will be deleted and resent every day that passes the ad so that more users will see the post and the percentage of your members will be higher. The first problem in this method is the lack of sufficient attention of members to ads on channels.


If you notice that the advertising posts do not receive as many likes and comments in the channels that have high members, this indicates that the audience does not pay enough attention to the advertising posts.


The second problem is that if you want to send your advertising post on large channels, you have to consider several channels and only with ads in one group of your members will not increase significantly.


The cost of large groups for advertising varies from you, but it will cost you much more than other methods.


So, note that if you want to buy telegram poll votes from addtelegrammember and go to this method, you must have a suitable and high budget so that you can do this advertising continuously.


The next problem is the lack of guarantees. You can’t guarantee the attraction of a certain amount of members at any cost. The ad group puts your post on the channel for amounts of days purchased, and how many members will be attracted to your channel is not known at all and there is no guarantee.


You may pay a lot but receive a very small amount of membership. So, the cost you pay to buy Telegram members on different sites is quite cost-effective compared to performance.


Managers are real people who have a great reputation in cyberspace. These people have high members and therefore the ads on their channel can have good feedback for you.


This method is much more effective than the two methods mentioned above and will get you to your goal sooner, but the problem is that influencers do not advertise for anything and their advertising cost is not a small cost at all.


Another among influencers is the telegram. These people usually have a group of critical members and a group of friendly members.


When you give your ad to influencers, you may receive critical comments that are not appealing to your brand and will damage your brand.


If you are a well-known brand or a luxury business, you can go to these people and leave your ads to them. Be sure to set aside a reasonable fee before texting them.


As you have noticed so far, buying Telegram members through the Telegram robot is the most economical and optimal way to buy Telegram members.


In this way, you buy a certain number of members and the system attracts exactly the same number of real members for your Telegram channel. There are many free features that you can use and you will also have the opportunity to test the performance of the system for free

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