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Gifting jewelry or any other unique gift with which you can excite your loved ones gives a good feeling. But this feeling of pleasure is possible when you know exactly what your target person's taste is and what you want to give him as a gift.

If your desired option is valuable gold jewelry, you should consider the points that Amin jeweler has explained to you before buying. But in short, let's say that in the first place, you should check the price you want to spend. Then, continue your search among options in that price range. Of course, this search also has its own background. For example, you should consider the age, gender, taste and occasion for which you intend to buy jewelry as a gift. To get to know these tricks, stay with the Blog Amin jewelers until the end of the article.


Criteria for choosing jewelry as a gift

We said that to give jewelry as a gift, you should consider age, gender, taste and the occasion for which you intend to buy jewelry as a gift.

Therefore, in the first step before buying jewelry as a gift, you should consider the following things in your mind:

- Consider the occasion of your desired gift: for example, are you going to buy jewelry for someone's birthday or for your wedding anniversary? The jewelry you choose for each of these occasions will be different.

- Consider the age of the loved one.

- Be sure to include the person's taste in your choice: Note that the gift should be bought according to the other person's taste, not just your personal taste, because that person is going to use your gift. So, if he doesn't like it, your gift will be worthless and it may not seem like an attractive gift to that person. Even if you have incurred a lot of money.

- Determine the price range for yourself: this issue can be related to how close or far the person is to you; and how much you want to pay for him.

- Check the daily price of gold: this factor plays a key role in summarizing your budget and final cost. So be sure to check the price of each gram of gold on the same day before buying.

- By following the mentioned options, you actually filter your choices so that you finally get the best and most suitable option. That means, basically, irrelevant and additional options are removed from your selection circle and limited ornaments remain in your list. In this way, choosing the best option will be much easier.

Jewelry suitable for gifting

Below we have introduced the types of jewelry suitable for giving jewelry as a gift:

Birth stones

Perhaps the best option for buying gold jewelry as a birthday gift or other occasion is the models that have the birthstone in them. In this way, you show the person in question how much he means to you and that you tried to buy him a completely personalized gift. The advantage of gold with birthstone is that it brings good luck to a person.

To buy a jewelry gift, you can choose from mixed jewelry that has a lower percentage of pure gold, or a lighter gold weight to have a more reasonable price.


Name plate

A name plate can be one of the most attractive and valuable gifts that you can give to others and make them happy. Gift your loved ones with name necklaces, name bracelets or first letter of a name for earrings.

Stone/bead bracelet

Stone and bead bracelets with a piece of gold are also good options for valuable gifts at reasonable prices.

Gold jewelry for men

To buy gold gifts for men, it is better to choose among men's designs such as rectangular, square or horseshoe shapes. Ornaments that are combined with leather are also suitable options for men. All kinds of beaded bracelets, stone gold, woven gold bracelets, Cartier gold chain bracelets, etc. are also suitable options for giving gold to men.

The tricks of buying gold gifts with the lowest price and the most effect

To buy a gold gift at the lowest price, it is better to go for light plates or a combination of gold with other materials. For example, stone bracelets, texture or leather bracelets with only a thin piece of gold on them can be bought at a very reasonable price. Or the types of gold pendants that have a very light weight are also good options for buying gold.

If you insist that the gold is big and at the same time low in price, you should go for gold plating and cheap stones.


General tips for buying gold gifts

- To give a gold ring as a gift, you need to know the size of the other person's finger. According to the Gemological Laboratory of Switzerland, women's ring size is on average between 5 and 7. The ring size of adult men is also between 9 and 11 on average.

- The gold you buy for children should be resistant to the passage of time and keep its original shape. So you must be sure of the quality of gold. The gold pieces presented in Paraste Gallery are of the highest possible quality. You can safely store the purchased jewelry for years.

- To give gold as a gift, pay attention to what occasion you want to give a gift? Birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas and...

- Pay attention to what is the interest, taste and mood of the person in question? It can be said that this is the most important factor in choosing a gift. 



Last word

The glitter of gold is not something that people simply pass by. Who can claim that gold has no value? Almost everyone likes to receive gold artifacts or gold coins as gifts, and this issue is not only related to the beauty of gold and jewelry, but also the high value of gold, which makes us consider it as an investment tool.

When you, as a lover, want to win the heart of your loved one, you can achieve this goal by purchasing a piece of jewelry. Especially women are very excited and happy to see gold and this is undeniable.

In order to satisfy its customers, Amin jewelers offers products with designs suitable for occasions in its store. You can check the different models based on the design and price in the Amin jeweler online store and order the desired model either online or buy it directly from the store in the city.


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