All about budget tours in Iran for Canadians

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Traveling is the best way to cheer up one’s mood. Yet, this is the beginning of the story. When it comes to planning, arises different problems and obstacles. One of these obstacles is the financial part of the journey. This is more important when you gonna travel to another country. Of course, if you are going to travel to Iran, there’s an advantage for you. Iran is generally an affordable country for tourists. It costs lower than its adjacent countries. Now, imagine the expenses can be decreased even more in special tours called Iran budget tours. So, don’t let the money get in the way of your dreams!


What is an Iran budget tour?


If you want to travel and do everything on your own, you may find some ways to reduce the expenses. For example, you'll try to find hostels instead of hotels, use public transportation, have food in the diners that serve the homemade dishes, etc. Iran budget tours cost the same as you travel this way. But there are some advantages to the budget tour that you can not miss.


Why should I take an Iran budget tour when I can travel alone?


Yes, you can do it all on your own, but having peace of mind while traveling can make it much more fun. Budget tours in Iran are designed to ensure your safety during your stay. Also, in a country like Iran with not so many English-speaking individuals having a guide who can speak the local language helps a lot. The bonus of a guide is their knowledge and insight about traveling here as well!

Moreover, tour operators are not usually just good for their tour services but also because they are there for all your needs during your trip. Whether you might need a debit card or a sim card or suggestions of excellent local restaurants while traveling, you’ll have their support. They also can save you money by recommending less touristy places for shopping essentials and all. Super helpful, right?


The Iran tour operator you choose knows many details about accommodation, food, sightseeing, and transportation that you can barely find by googling. It will guide you through finding a clean and cozy accommodation. It does not suggest merely cheap places. Rather, they are beautiful hostels with high standards for you to experience an extremely comfortable stay. Most of these hostels are historical mansions that have been changed to tourist accommodations with modern facilities. In fact, you can have two worlds. Stay in an affordable place and enjoy the beauties of Persian unique architecture!

The other important factor in any trip is good food. Surely, you want to have a delicious and standard dish. The one that gives you the real sense of authentic tastes, while you won’t have to pay more than you have planned. The tour operator gives you clues about what and where to eat healthy and budget meals. They suggest you swapping the luxury restaurant for a local café they know well. Not only it will save you money, but the cultural details of Iran. No doubt that the tour guide would be by your side in case you need them.


Iran budget tours and travelers from specific countries

Any tourist can apply for an Iran visa to visit Iran. But there is this exception due to some political issues: the citizens of the US, UK, and Canada must apply via an Iran travel agency. Therefore traveling as a solo is impossible for the mentioned citizens. So, if you have planned to visit Iran, but don’t want to limit yourself to an arranged itinerary, booking an Iran budget tour is the best way to free you from the difficulties of getting an Iran visa. Besides that, you benefit from the advantages of these tours.

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