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It is better to know more about this social network before buy Telegram members and its advantages.

To answer many of your questions such as whether buy member can help your business grow? Is it possible to buy Telegram members? How much does buy Telegram likes help your post to explore? How to increase Telegram members?

How much do you know about Telegram?

Telegram has more than one billion users, 500 million of whom are active in the program every day. And it is one of the most popular social media in the world. And these are not Telegram members who only use the platform to share content, 90% of the top 100 brands worldwide have an active presence on Telegram. These brands use Telegram to post photos and videos, create brand ads, and sell products and services.


The role of social media in marketing

Social media is one of the biggest platforms right now. Which can be used as a growth tool. Social media platforms have proven to be one of the biggest components of an evolving scenario and can be considered an influential factor. They also offer many features; Who have been able to help us in many ways. They can, as a lever, contribute to the growth of one's business, marketing, or growth as a creator.

Today, social media management has also become a profession for many people. Growing up on social media is hard work right now. It all depends on how accessible you are and how well your audience responds, such as the number of Telegram members.

But there are a lot of people who like to use shortcuts and therefore choose the easier way. There are websites like us that sell these members or offer other services such as advertising, view buying, commenting and number of likes and so on.

Along with the many efforts that are being made to attract members, there is also a shortcut!


Telegram compared to other social networks

Compared to other social media channels, Telegram accounts have a relatively high level of engagement. For example, the average Facebook or Twitter interaction rate is only 0.5-1%. Although the average Telegram account has 3% interaction, any interaction rate higher than this, along with a large number of members, shows that you are more effective than your other competitors.

We review the average engagement rate of your Telegram posts (likes and comments on posts). For example: If your interaction rate is less than 8% and you have less than 1000 Telegram members, then you will earn less than people who have an average higher interaction rate in their posts.

Unlike YouTube, where people sell advertising space in their videos and channel at the rate decided by Google, Telegram belongs to Facebook, so; Facebook distributes ads in people's posts. Likewise, influencers and Telegram brands do not have a specific intermediary or rate if they decide to work with each other.

Brands deal with influencers, and rates can vary considerably depending on the circumstances. However, in almost all cases, one factor is always constant, that if the channels have both a high level of interaction and a high number of Telegram members, they will earn more money. You can easily buy target members who have practical value and those who connect with your posts.

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