Best Snapchat Spy Apps (100 % WORKING!)

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Is there a way to read someone's Snapchat messages even if they have already been deleted? We recommend a Snapchat spy app feature in a spy app! Here, we have compiled a list of the top ten Snapchat spy apps.

Snapchat's auto-delete feature has made it one of the most popular social media apps on the market. Messages sent in one-on-one chats are automatically deleted from the app on a regular basis.

Even though this is a great feature, spy on Snapchat activity is difficult because of it. It's possible that even if you manage to get your hands on their phone, their Snapchat messages will have already been deleted.

Fortunately, there are some spy apps on the market that offer a solution to this issue. As soon as a Snapchat message is sent or received, it is archived, allowing you to access it even if it is deleted.

However, not all Snapchat reader apps are trustworthy. Avoid downloading the first app you see. If you're looking for a reliable and effective app, we've compiled this list of the top 10 Snapchat spy apps:

Powers Through Snapchat's Secrecy Wall: #1 SPY24.

SPY24 is our top pick for a Snapchat spy app. For iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, this is an extremely popular phone monitoring app.

The app has been praised by the likes of Forbes, the BBC, and Tom's Guide. It's widely used by parents, bosses, and partners all over the world.

If you use SPY24, you'll be able to spy on another person's Snapchat activity without them knowing. It's simple to get started with the app. SPY24 does not necessitate the use of complex technical knowledge.

It's Easy to Spy on Someone's Snapchat with SPY24

SPY24 lets you spy on someone's Snapchat activity from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the app gives you access to almost all of the target's Snapchat messages:

Spy24 gives you access to all of the Snapchat messages, both private and public, that have been sent and received. The messages can still be found in your online account even if they are deleted from your phone.

Who is the person you're trying to reach out to on Snapchat? You can access their personal information, including their names, addresses, email addresses, job descriptions, social media accounts, and more.

Verify the media files: Snapchat photos and videos are being sent to the target, right? Is this a sign that they're already in a committed relationship? You can see what they've saved by looking through their photos and videos.

Every Snapchat message will have a time or date stamp attached to it. You can determine the date and time of a particular conversation using this data.

A powerful keylogger is included as well, making SPY24 even more potent. What makes this so significant? When a keylogger is installed on a computer, it records every keystroke that is typed.

This information will be recorded by SPY24 when the Snapchat user enters their login credentials.

Using someone's Snapchat credentials, you may be able to log in directly to their account. However, keep in mind that Snapchat may let them know about the login attempt, so proceed with caution. Even so, it's a viable option.

In a matter of seconds, you can begin spying on Snapchat.

It takes only a few minutes to set up SPY24. Using the app, you'll be able to track the Snapchat activity of another person in a matter of seconds. Any smartphone or PC with an active internet connection can be used to set up the app.

In order to use SPY24 on an Android device, you will need to have physical access for a short period of time. For iOS device monitoring, you will need the iCloud account credentials linked to that device's.

To get started with SPY24, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official SPY24 website and register for a free account. Using your email address as a username is recommended.

Subscribing to SPY24 is the second step. You'll need the Premium plan if you want to monitor Snapchat on one device. The Family plan is required if you want to use SPY24 to spy on Snapchat on multiple devices.

Wait for the instructions to arrive in your email inbox, then follow them. To begin, decide whether you want to develop for iOS or Android. Afterwards, follow the on-screen directions.

Entering the iCloud account credentials is all that is required to install SPY24 on a target iPhone or iPad. You won't even have to touch your iPhone or iPad to use this feature. Let the app sync with your account for 10 minutes.

A 2MB app must be downloaded and installed on the target device before SPY24 can be used. You have the option to hide the app once that process is complete. It may take some time before SPY24 connects to the device.

4. Congratulate yourself! SPY24 is now successfully installed. Snapchat monitoring is now a reality for you.

Go to the SPY24 dashboard in your web browser and log in to your account. With this, you can keep track of all of your mobile device's activities. Select the "Social Apps > Snapchat" option in the left-hand menu to begin spying on Snapchat.

Snapchat Spy App SPY24 Comes Close to Being Perfect

Because SPY24 is a near-perfect spy app, it ranks first on our list of the best Snapchat spy apps. Here's why:.

It's simple to set up SPY24, for starters.

Rooting or jailbreaking the target device is usually required for most spy apps. They won't work if they don't. The process of rooting and jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad is difficult. Device warranties are voided and data can be lost as a result of these actions.

Nonetheless, SPY24 is one of the most cutting-edge apps on the market. Rooting or jailbreaking isn't necessary for this to work. As a result, it's a breeze to use, as well as completely risk-free. You don't need to know anything about technology to use or set up the app.

Secondly, the app is extremely safe.

There's no need to be concerned about being discovered when using SPY24. It's as stealthy as you can get it. Both the target Android and iOS devices have no idea the app is there.

SPY24 is a 2MB app for Android. It's easy to set up and then hide. To avoid battery draining interruptions, this app runs silently in the background. Invisible to the user, it's a complete non-issue.

SPY24 is a web-based app on iOS. On the target iPhone you don't have to download or install any software at all. Instead of directly interacting with the device, the app uses the iCloud account to communicate with it. SPY24's iOS app is completely hidden because it is web-based.

3. You can do a lot more than just spy on Snapchat.

Spying on Snapchat is just the tip of the iceberg with SPY24. The app is a full-fledged phone tracking app. To put it another way, you'll be able to keep tabs on everything that's going on with the device at all times. This includes everything from messages and social media to GPS location and everything else in between.

In addition, the app is reasonably priced.

SPY24 is available for a low monthly fee. It's not uncommon for spy software to cost hundreds of dollars per year or more. One of these is not SPY24. For about the same price as a DVD, you can get a competitive set of features. There's a discount if you monitor multiple devices.

SPY24 is a well-known and respected brand name.

Trust that SPY24 will deliver. Over a million people use the app in more than 190 countries. The app has been thoroughly vetted by its users and is free of malicious code. The app also protects your personal information. In addition, your privacy is protected and your data is not stored anywhere.

SnapChat spying with SPY24 is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly web-based interface, and its comprehensive set of Snapchat spying tools.

T-SPY - A Quick, Effective, and Easiest Snapchat Tracker Available.

T-SPY is the name of our second recommendation for you. Is this app familiar to you? Globally, it's a popular phone monitoring solution and is frequently reviewed on websites like TheGuardian, Mac World, and the New York Times.

We have T-SPY at number two on our list of the best Snapchat spy apps because of its ease of use, comprehensive feature set, and ability to remain completely undetectable. Both Android and iOS devices can use the app.

T-SPY has a slew of Snapchat-related features available for purchase.

T-SPY allows you to monitor someone's Snapchat activity from the comfort of your own home or office computer. What the app can do for you is summarised below:

You have access to all of Snapchat's messages, both incoming and outgoing.

As soon as a message is sent, a copy is automatically saved to your account. You'll be able to access all messages, even those that have been deleted.

You have access to all of the Snapchat user's media files. Download and view photos, video clips, and audio recordings.

An overview of the target's contacts is provided by Snapchat. You can see their names, check their photos, see their phone numbers, and much more.

T-SPY has more than a dozen phone monitoring features, including Snapchat spying. Basically, you can monitor how your subject uses his or her phone.

Snapchat Spy App T-SPY is Highly Effective

As a highly effective covert & undetectable spy app, T-SPY comes highly recommended:

T-SPY can be used without rooting or jailbreaking your device.

T-greatest SPY's advantage is that it doesn't require root or jailbreak. It is compatible with the stock versions of Android and iOS. If you don't have any technical knowledge, T-SPY is easy to set up and use.

2. The app is dependable.

Users have given their seal of approval to the spy app T-SPY. Your personal information and viruses will not be at risk. Thousands of people around the world use the app. It is safe to use. Additionally, it adheres to a strict policy regarding the protection of user privacy.

3. It's a spy app that works.

It's also a very stealthy app, thanks to T-SPY. Using the iOS version of the app, which is web-based and doesn't require any software to be installed, the app is undetectable. The Android version of the app is small, light, and works in the background without being noticed.

Additionally, T-SPY isn't a drain on your wallet. At a reasonable monthly fee, you get access to a wide range of powerful features, including the ability to spy on Snapchat.

Family of Spymasters

This is a well-known spy app called SpyFamily. The app's strong feature set and advanced stealth mode have been praised by users. SpyFamily allows you to spy on anyone's Snapchat activity without fear of detection. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

SnapChat-related features in the app include the following:

The app allows you to read all of the target's private and group Snapchat messages, as well as their location.

You can still see deleted messages if you go online.

Contacts, media, timestamps, and other relevant information is readily available through SpyFamily.

It's a Solid Spy App, SpyFamily.

An excellent spy app, SpyFamily:

The app's user interface is accessible via a web browser. You can access it from any computer with an internet connection and any web browser.

Detection of SpyFamily is nearly impossible. Snapchat can be secretly spied on.

The app has all the tools you'll need to keep tabs on your phone's whereabouts.

Third on our list is SpyFamily, which is easy to recommend.

Fami360 is the fourth option.

Fami360, a parental control app, is the next item on our list. A parent-made app, this one caters to the needs of other parents. SnapSpy is the best spy app for parents because it has a variety of features that are useful for keeping tabs on their kids' Snapchat usage.

Fami360's best features include the following:

All Snapchat messages are viewable.

Among other things, you can look at your contacts, media files, and more.

Use Fami360's Snapchat Parental Monitor to Your Advantage!

Despite the fact that Fami360 isn't a typical spy app, it's still a good investment:

You don't have to be in the same room as the app to use it.

Fami360 can be set up without rooting or jailbreaking your device.

Even though Fami360 costs a little more than the other options we've looked at, the intuitive user interface and extensive feature set more than make up for it..

HelloSpy is ranked fifth.

A well-known phone spy app is HelloSpy. It has a number of powerful features, including a Facebook password finder. In addition, you can use it to keep tabs on Snapchat:

Even deleted Snapchat messages can be accessed remotely.

Get access to a wide range of additional phone monitoring options.

One major flaw exists in HelloSpy.

HelloSpy, on the other hand, has a major flaw:

To make use of HelloSpy, your target device must be rooted or jailbroken.

Keylogging is not possible with this app.

For a variety of reasons, we do not recommend rooting or jailbreaking your device. HelloSpy is a powerful monitoring tool, but it's also a pain to use.

This is the sixth automatic forward

The next item on our to-do list is Auto Forward. This is a useful app for both Android and iOS devices. Auto Forward can, of course, be used to spy on Snapchat as well:

See what the target is up to on Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Use the keylogger that's already built into Snapchat to track down their username and password.

Auto Forward costs a lot of money.

Due to its price, Auto Forward isn't at the top of the list:

A single Auto Forward subscription costs $69.99 per month.

To monitor multiple devices, you'll have to pay a separate fee.

Auto Forward has a lot of great features, but it's hard to recommend it over apps like SpyFamily because of its high price.

Spyera is the seventh-place finisher.

Spyera comes in at number seven on the list. People in relationships who want to catch their cheating partner using this app have a great deal of success with it. The app also includes a Snapchat activity tracker that is reliable:

Snapchat usernames and passwords are public information.

Snapchat messages can be read using Spyera.

Spyera is a costly and time-consuming setup.

Setting up Spyera, on the other hand, is a pain.

To use Spyera, your device must be rooted or jailbroken.

For a three-month subscription, the app costs $189.

Those who aren't tech-savvy should avoid using Spyera.

SpyHuman 8th

You can keep an eye on Snapchat with SpyHuman. Even better, it comes with a 30-day free trial. It's easy to set up, and the app is also simple to use:

SpyHuman doesn't need root access to run.

Snapchat's monitoring tool is up to the task.

Not everyone will enjoy SpyHuman.

SpyHuman has a number of serious flaws, including the following:

Only Android devices are compatible with SpyHuman.

A keylogger is not included in SpyHuman.

Since the app doesn't work on iOS, it is not included in our top 10 list.

9 Copy9

There are a lot of useful features in Copy9, a powerful spy app. Has been around for some time and is well-known. What the app can do is as follows:

Copy9 includes a keylogger that can be used to get into someone's Snapchat account.

Spy on Snapchat with ease with this app's useful Snapchat spy feature.

Copy9 is not easy to use.

It's important to note that Copy9 has two drawbacks:

The app's user interface is cumbersome.

It is only compatible with Android.

Fami360, for example, is a more user-friendly alternative.

DDI Utilities are at number ten.

Utilities for DDI
DDI Utilities is the final app on the list. This is not a spy app, but rather a data management or backup tool. But you can still save a copy of anyone's Snapchat messages using the app:

Make a copy of your Snapchat messages before they are deleted.

Make a copy of their (or your) phone's data.

DDI Utilities requires root access or a jailbreak in order to function.

Although DDI Utilities does not require root or jailbreak, keep in mind:

You'll first need to root or jailbreak the target device, which is a risky process.

It's not a secret that the app isn't discreet.

Clearly, this is a problem. The effectiveness of DDI Utilities is inferior to that of, say, T-SPY.


We sincerely hope that our list of the ten best Snapchat spy apps proves useful to you. All of the apps listed here are worthwhile and work well, but the first two entries offer the best value for money.

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